What is the difference between LEGOLAND and Legoland Discovery Center?

What is the difference between LEGOLAND and Legoland Discovery Center?

A LEGOLAND Discovery Centre (LEGOLAND Discovery Center in the United States and Asia) is a LEGOLAND park that are smaller than normal LEGOLAND resorts. Unlike their larger counterparts, which are mostly rides, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres focus more on building. However, they have a couple rides.

Who owns Legoland Discovery Centers?

Merlin Entertainments The Lego Group
Legoland Discovery Centre

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Trafford Centre
Number of locations 33 (by 2023)
Owner Merlin Entertainments The Lego Group
Website legolanddiscoverycenter.com

What part of California is LEGOLAND in?

LEGOLAND California Resort, in Carlsbad, CA.

What age is best for Legoland Discovery Center?

ages 3-10
LEGOLAND Discovery Center Attraction The attraction is best suited for children ages 3-10. For Adult Fans of LEGO (who do not have children), we host exclusive adults-only evenings with additional activities, programming and competitions to enhance the experience for older guests.

Where are the Legolands in the US?

North America

Site Location Opened
Legoland California Resort Carlsbad, California 20 March 1999
Legoland Florida Resort Winter Haven, Florida 15 October 2011
Legoland New York Goshen, New York 29 May 2021

Can adults go to Legoland California without a child?

Do I Have To Come With a Child to Visit the Attraction? All adults must be accompanied by a child (aged 17 and under) to visit the attraction (with the exception of Adult Fans of LEGO Nights).

How many legolands are there in the United States?

two Legoland parks
There are two Legoland parks in the United States. One is located in Florida, the other is in California.

How long do you spend at Lego Discovery?

2-3 hours
We encourage families to interact together and explore their imagination and creativity through a world of open play, and therefore visits are not guided. The typical visit takes 2-3 hours.

Can adults go to LEGOLAND Windsor without a child?

We welcome guests of all ages to the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, so you are more than welcome to visit whether that be as a family or with friends.

How many legolands are there in USA?

Where is the largest Legoland?

GOSHEN, New York — The biggest Legoland park in the world is officially open with a little Connecticut flair. Legoland New York opened on July 4 in Goshen, New York, and includes installments made designed and made in Enfield!

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