What is the difference between Leupold vx3 and VX3i?

What is the difference between Leupold vx3 and VX3i?

In the VX3i riflescopes, Leupold removed all the illuminated reticle options except for the Illuminated Duplex reticle. The VX-3 scopes featured three scope models with an illuminated reticle option. With the VX3i series, Leupold only offered one scope with an illuminated reticle option.

How much is a Leupold vx3i?


Part# Price
VX-3i 2.5-8×36 Duplex
170678 $399.99
VX-3i 3.5-10×40 Duplex
170680 $399.99

Are Leupold scopes shockproof?

All Leupold scopes are waterproof and purged to get the best fog proofing you can have. The VX 1 is also shockproof and beyond rugged.

Is Leupold or vortex better?

Leupold may have a slight advantage with the quality of their scopes’ build, while Vortex has the price advantage. Both brands have excellent reputations, even with Vortex’s relative lack of experience. Ultimately, if you’re in the market for a scope, your choice will probably come down to personal preference.

Are Leupold binos Made in USA?

Leupold and Stevens currently have over 700 employees at their factory in Beaverton, Oregon. Since the manufacturing of binoculars is outsourced to factories in Japan and China, the US factory mainly focuses on the manufacturing of riflescopes, red dot sights, spotting scopes, rangefinders, and thermal trackers.

Who makes better binoculars Vortex or Leupold?

They’re priced similarly to Vortex, and have a lifetime guarantee. But, if you ask experienced hunters and those in the know, many who’ve tried both Vortex and Leupold will actually give a slight edge to the glass and image quality in, yup, Leupold binoculars.

Why choose a Leupold VX3 scope?

The VX3 scopes also include Leupold’s elite optical system, which gives you clear optics for increased light transmission. The scopes perform well in low-light situations, especially when compared to cheaper models and the top competition in the same price range. Why Choose a Leupold VX3 Scope?

What do you think of Leupold scope covers?

One item of note here is the neoprene scope cover, as in the past Leupold simply included large lens cloth. While the lens cloth was nice, the lack of proper lens caps to keep dust from collecting on the lenses when mounted on a rifle provided no means to protect ones investment.

What can I do with a Leupold VX-III reticle?

The reticle can also be used as a prairie dog range estimator between the 500 yard and bottom vertical heavy post. For evaluation purposes I mounted the Leupold VX-III atop a Savage Model 14 American Classic chambered in .223 Remington using a DedNutz one-piece 30mm medium mounting system (#34200).

What does FOV mean on a Leupold telescope?

Field-of-View (FOV) is rated at 7.3 yards at 100 yards at maximum magnification, eye relief is a generous 3.6-inches, and the turrets offer 100 minutes of both elevation and windage adjustment. One item of note here is the neoprene scope cover, as in the past Leupold simply included large lens cloth.

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