What is the largest portable building you can buy?

What is the largest portable building you can buy?

The largest portable building that 5 Star Buildings creates is 16′ x 48′. A portable building of this size will give you approximately 705 square feet of usable space. With 705 square feet of usable space, this portable building is an excellent fit for a multi-vehicle garage or portable cabin.

What is a pop up garage?

A portable garage is a temporary outdoor structure that typically consists of just a steel frame with a fabric cover. They primarily provide reliable, low-maintenance storage space for vehicles of multiple sizes and styles.

How long do portable garages last?

roughly ten to twenty years
How long do portable garages last? The longevity of the portable garage is variable depending on the quality of the materials and manufacturing. Generally, a good portable carport can last roughly ten to twenty years, but some cheaper options may encounter worn fabrics after less time.

How much is a 12×32 shed?

Based on these factors and more, the general pricing for a 12×32 storage shed starts at $8360 for a standard unit.

Is a portable garage worth it?

Are portable garages worth it? It depends on what you’re using them for. For storage, a portable garage is a much cheaper alternative to renting space in a commercial garage or building a structure on your property, which might require complex permitting.

Are portable garages any good?

With several sizes to choose from our portable garages make an excellent choice for a car/truck garage, wood shed, garden shed, work shop, storage building, and much more, at only a fraction of the price of a wooden or steel building. Anchor Package comes standard with all portable garage models.

What are your portable garages made of?

Our Canadian made portable garages are constructed of a 14 gauge, high tension galvanized steel that is clear coated for an anti rub finish. Frame diameter will vary with building size. (1.315″ – 2.375″).

What are the different types of portable buildings?

Portable Buildings 1 Lofted Garden Shed 2 Garden Shed 3 Utility Shed 4 Garage 5 Lofted Garage 6 Golf Cart Garage 7 Cabin 8 Lofted Cabin 9 Lofted Side Porch Cabin 10 Side Porch Cabin

Can I build my own portable building?

Use our Shed Designer to build your own portable building or storage shed. It’s easy to use and will allow you to customize your building to suit your needs! Design Your Own!

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