What is the meaning of subaqueous?

What is the meaning of subaqueous?

Definition of subaqueous : existing, formed, or taking place in or under water.

How do you use walloping in a sentence?

1 They had to pay a walloping great fine. 2 He had to pay a walloping fine. 3 Our team got a real walloping last week. 4 We gave the visiting team a real walloping.

How do you pronounce subaqueous?

Phonetic spelling of subaqueous

  1. sub-aque-ous.
  2. sub-aque-ous. Evangeline Medhurst.
  3. suhb-ey-kwee-uh s. Jairo Spinka.
  4. sub-aqueous. Adela Von.

Is drawn past tense?

The past tense of draw is drew. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of draw is draws. The present participle of draw is drawing. The past participle of draw is drawn.

What does the word seemly mean?

adjective, seem·li·er, seem·li·est. fitting or becoming with respect to propriety or good taste; decent; decorous: Your outburst of rage was hardly seemly. suitable or appropriate; fitting: a seemly gesture.

What does it mean to be walloped?

to beat soundly; thrash. Informal. to strike with a vigorous blow; belt; sock: After two strikes, he walloped the ball out of the park. Informal. to defeat thoroughly, as in a game.

What was a Recusant in Elizabethan England?

Those who refused to attend Church of England services (recusants) were forced to pay a fine of a shilling a week for not attending church on Sundays or holy days.

What is a good sentence for drawn?

How to use Drawn in a sentence. Her attention was drawn to the little filly. His face was drawn and pale, his eyes wild. I refused to be drawn into the discussion.

Do you say Drew or drawn?

(“Drew” is the correct past tense, and “drawn” is the past participle.)

Is seemly an adverb?

adjective, seem·li·er, seem·li·est.

How do you use precipitous?

Examples of precipitous in a Sentence There has been a precipitous decline in home sales recently. People were shocked by his precipitous fall from political power.

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