What is torsion suspension on a trailer?

What is torsion suspension on a trailer?

Torsion axles are mounted directly to the frame which means fewer moving parts compared to spring suspensions, resulting in a smoother shock action. This stiffens the frame, reducing flex. This system is also less likely to corrode because the axle tube is galvanized inside and out.

Are torsion trailer axles good?

Torsion trailer axles offer a smoother ride and less maintenance. Leaf springs are more durable, less expensive and far easier to replace parts on. Selecting the proper axle is as simple as determining your application, and figuring out the loads you need to carry.

Are torsion axles good for off road?

Torsion axles work well on road, I have them on my horse trailer, but off road they just don’t perform well. Failure of a torsion axle is not repairable in the field the closest you can come to it is welding a gusset in place to solidify the broke arm.

Are torsion axles reliable?

Torsion axles offer a low maintenance, reliable, quiet, smooth ride. HSI Duratek torsion axles make it simple to have peace-of-mind while trailer towing.

How do you jack up a trailer with torsion axles?

If you want to jack up the whole trailer, front and back and both sides, you can use the tongue jack for the front and then use a floor jack to jack up one corner at the back of the trailer, place a jack stand to hold it, and then jack up the other side using a jack stand to hold it as well.

How do you maintain torsion axles?

Torsion Axle Maintenance Torsion axles do not require any regular maintenance, unlike springs that need constant review for worn or loose parts. Spring axles must be checked regularly to make sure the spring surfaces are not corroded, creating a weak point in the suspension.

Can you jack up a torsion axle?

I do it all the time. Place the jack directly against the tire, and you ought to get enough of the pad under the spindle collar to lift up just that spindle. Or, you could get two LARGE floor jacks, and jack up one whole side of the trailer. I’ve done that before too.

Can you repair a torsion axle?

Torsion axles use internal rubber cords to provide the suspension motion and they really are not practical to repair/rebuild. Certainly any axle that was damaged in an accident should be replaced purely for safety reasons.

How do torsion bars work on a trailer?

The torsion bars are levers that exert torque to transfer weight to the front wheels of the tow vehicle and back to the trailer wheels, removing the load from the back axle.

Is torsion beam suspension bad?

While the torsion beam or “twist beam” isn’t as compromised as a solid axle, neither is it a truly independent suspension. Stiffer bushings can compensate for the torsion beam’s inherent side-to-side compliance, but that comes with a toll of greater impact harshness.

Do I need torsion bars for my trailer?

Although they’re not required, adding a sway bar will provide a much more comfortable and stable towing experience and give you peace of mind. A vehicle-based sway bar is usually not required to pull a trailer, or the factory sway bars are typically adequate.

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