What is tuberculous Gumma?

What is tuberculous Gumma?

Tuberculous gumma is a form of cutaneous TB caused by haematogenous dissemination of M tuberculosis. Clinically, it is difficult to differentiate this form from other pyogenic infections such as syphilis, pyoderma gangrenosum, atypical mycobacterial lesions and some fungal infections.

What is primary tuberculosis complex?

A primary (Ghon) complex is formed, consisting of a granuloma, typically in the middle or lower zones of the lung (primary or Ghon focus) in combination with transient hilar and/or paratracheal lymphadenopathy and some overlying pleural reaction.

What is tuberculosis verrucosa cutis?

Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis (TVC); also known as warty tuberculosis, anatomist’s warts, or prosector’s warts; is an indolent, warty plaque-like form of paucibacillary cutaneous tuberculosis, resulting from inoculation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis into the skin of a previously infected patient, with moderate to high …

What are the external markers of tuberculosis?

Cutaneous involvement is a relatively uncommon manifestation of TB. The clinical findings vary and include inflammatory papules, verrucous plaques, suppurative nodules, chronic ulcers, and other lesions.

What is chronic tuberculous abscess?

Metastatic tuberculosis abscess is a rare form of skin tuberculosis. It is characterized by nodule and abscess formation throughout the body after hematogenous spread of mycobacterium tuberculosis from a primary focus during a period of impaired immunity.

What is lichen Scrofulosorum?

Lichen scrofulosorum, also known as “tuberculosis cutis lichenoides,” is a rare tuberculid that presents as a lichenoid eruption of minute papules in children and adolescents with tuberculosis.

What are the symptoms of skin tuberculosis?

Skin – TB can cause certain rashes, including erythema nodosum – a red, lumpy rash on the legs – or lupus vulgaris which gives lumps or ulcers. Spread to many parts of the body – this is called miliary TB, and can affect many organs, including lungs, bones, liver, eyes and skin.

How is skin TB diagnosed?

Testing for TB Infection

  1. The TB skin test is performed by injecting a small amount of fluid (called tuberculin) into the skin on the lower part of the arm.
  2. A person given the tuberculin skin test must return within 48 to 72 hours to have a trained health care worker look for a reaction on the arm.

How do you cure a TB abscess?

TUBERCULOUS ABSCESS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED BY ASPIRATION AND INJECTION OF STREPTOMYCIN. AMOS R. KOONTZ, M.D. A tuberculous abscess arising from a tuberculous costal cartilage was successfully treated by aspiration of the contents of the abscess cavity and immediate injection of streptomycin into the cavity.

What causes lichen Spinulosus?

The cause of lichen spinulosus is unknown. It appears to be an abnormal reaction pattern of follicles to various triggers. Some people relate LS to malnutrition, specifically vitamin A deficiency. Others think it arises after exposure to toxins.

What is Bazin disease?

Bazin’s disease (EI) is an under-recognized chronic recur- rent condition characterized by painless, deep-seated, subcuta- neous induration, which gradually extends to the skin surface, forming bluish-red nodules or plaques, which then often ulcer- ate1,2.

Can skin TB be cured?

You may not be cured. You may feel better at first but some TB bacteria may stay in your body. These can reactivate at a later time and make you very ill. If the original infection is only partly treated, the bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics (explained below).

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