What level do you end Polaris?

What level do you end Polaris?

Eliot quote is here… No idea. Re: What level is for Polaris? You have to have completed Khrysalis defeating Morganthe which puts you at least at level 100.

What level does storm learn tempest?

You actually need to be level 38 to get tempest.

How long is Polaris?


Observation data Epoch J2000 Equinox
Distance 323–433 ly (99–133 pc)
Absolute magnitude (MV) −3.6 (α UMi Aa) 3.6 (α UMi Ab) 3.1 (α UMi B)
Primary α UMi Aa

How do you unlock Arcanum in wizard101?

After Ravenwood School graduation, and upon reaching level 108, students are able to visit the prestigious Arcanum, where they are able to upgrade their knowledge about magic, spells, and charms under the finest Order of Scholars in The Spiral.

Where is the Arcanum?

Re: arcanum The Arcanum will become available to you at around lv. 108 (end of Polaris). Your efforts to thwart Spider didn’t go unnoticed, and you’ll be rewarded for those efforts by joining the “best wizards in the Spiral” club.

What level should I be in Celestia?

level 48 or higher
Entering Celestia You have to be level 48 or higher to enter the underwater world of Celestia.

Is Wizard101 easy?

Although it’s easy it takes a while to beat and I actually found it more fun than a lot of other worlds. Exact same as Wizard City but less fun and more sand… a lot of it.

What level do you get meteor wizard101?

to all enemies. Requirements: Required Character Level: 22.

What color is Polaris?

Polaris is a soft, cool, enveloping gray with an azure undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a joyful, uplifting space. Pair it with yellow or navy.

Where can I find Qismah’s legendary dagger?

Qismah’s Legendary Dagger This item is auctioned in the Bazaar.

How did Arcanum get its name?

Gunder instructed the men to “select a name and have one that is not on the map of the globe.” Between the first requirement and the dark, foggy November weather, the men chose “Arcanum,” which conveniently means “secret, hidden.” A post office has been in operation at Arcanum since 1852.

What is the last boss in Celestia?

Mithraya. Mithraya is the final boss of the Trial of the Spheres, and the final boss you will face in Celestia. She is a sun boss with 5120 health and 80% resist to fire.

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