What song is Regulate sampled from?

What song is Regulate sampled from?

On April 28, 1994, Warren G and his frequent collaborator, the late Nate Dogg released “Regulate,” a single based largely on a sample from McDonald’s 1982 hit “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near).”

What movie is the song Regulate from?

Above the RimRegulate / Movie

Is Warren G related to Nate Dogg?

Dre’s mother and Warren G’s father married each other and brought both families together. Warren G was longtime friends with Nate Dogg, who is Snoop Dogg’s cousin and he eventually met Snoop and they all started a group called 213, which was named after L.A.’s area code. Dr.

How are Snoop and Brandy cousins?

The Black-ish star’s mother is first cousins with Nas, making them second cousins. Brandy and Snoop Dogg’s parents come from McComb, Mississippi. “Brandy’s my first cousin… That’s my family,” Snoop told MTV.

What does it mean for someone to Regulate?

1a : to govern or direct according to rule. b(1) : to bring under the control of law or constituted authority. (2) : to make regulations for or concerning regulate the industries of a country. 2 : to bring order, method, or uniformity to regulate one’s habits.

What is Warren G’s song Regulate?

Warren G Lyrics. “Regulate”. (feat. Nate Dogg) [G:] Regulators. We regulate any stealing of his property. We’re damn good too. But you can’t be any geek off the street.

Who is the original singer of regulate?

“Regulate” is a song performed by hip hop artists Warren G and Nate Dogg. It was released in the spring of 1994 as the first single on the soundtrack to the film Above the Rim and later Warren G.’s album Regulate… G Funk Era.

Does Warren G play sax with Nate Dogg?

Yes, during a 2015 episode of The Jimmy Kimmel Show, as part of the Monday Mashup series, Warren G performed the song with the famous saxaphonist, with Kenny G playing sax over the intro as well as Nate Dogg’s parts. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What does regulate mean in G Funk Era?

Regulate… G Funk Era A storybook rap, marking the meeting point of old, early rap traditions with the “gangsta”-image being formulated at the time. In a sense, the entire song is an allegory: Nate… Read More Regulators. We regulate any stealin’ of his property.

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