What station is Yorkdale Mall?

What station is Yorkdale Mall?

Yorkdale Shopping Centre is located at Yorkdale Road, Toronto and the nearest public transit station is Yorkdale Rd at Go Terminal (Yorkdale Station). Subway stations close to Yorkdale Shopping Centre: Yorkdale. Lawrence West.

How do you stop a GO bus?

Request Stop — When travelling after dusk, you may request the bus to make a stop anywhere along the route, as long as the driver can stop the bus safely. Just be sure to let your driver know in advance where you’d like to get off.

Where do you park at Yorkdale subway?

TTC Yorkdale Subway Station Commuter Parking Lot reopened on February 1, 2017 in a new underground Yorkdale Shopping Centre location at Allen Road and Highway 401….Parking

  • TTC Commuter Flat Rate $7 Monday to Friday.
  • Enter the lot from the South Service Road, near the west Allen Road on ramp.

What’s open at Yorkdale Mall?

February 26, 1964Yorkdale Shopping Centre / Opened

How do you use the bus stop button?

Simply press the stop button around 200 or so meters before you stop. That way the driver has time to react and pull over.

How much is parking at Yorkdale Mall?

This information can be seen on our website at: http://yorkdale.com/centre-info/parking/transit/. The Yorkdale rates are the regular rates for shoppers and as you mentioned, the first 5 hours are free, after that, it is $6 for every 20 minutes for a maximum of $35.

Does the subway go to Yorkdale Mall?

Yorkdale Mall is a large upscale shopping mall featuring over 240 stores and services in 1.6 million square feet which puts it at the 6th largest mall in Canada….Directions.

TTC Subway Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Yonge-University-Spadina Yorkdale Station 1 Minute

Why is Yorkdale closed today?

Yorkdale will be closed on the following 2022 Statutory Holidays: Canada Day – July 1, 2o22.

When should I press stop on a bus?

How do you signal to get off a bus?

To get off the bus, signal the driver one block before your stop by pulling the cord or pressing the yellow strip. This will ring a bell and light the “stop requested” signal for the driver.

How to get to Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto by bus?

The 329 is the first Bus that goes to Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. It stops nearby at 3:02 AM. What time is the last Bus to Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto?

How far is Yorkdale Shopping Centre from Ranee Ave?

Ranee Ave at Yorkdale Station is 566 meters away, 8 min walk. Dufferin St at Yorkdale Rd is 635 meters away, 9 min walk. Dufferin St at Jane Osler Blvd – Yorkdale Shopping Centre is 705 meters away, 10 min walk.

How far is Yorkdale station from Yorkdale Rd?

Yorkdale Rd at Go Terminal (Yorkdale Station) is 137 meters away, 2 min walk. Yorkdale is 199 meters away, 3 min walk. Yorkdale Bus Terminal is 286 meters away, 4 min walk. Ranee Ave at Yorkdale Station is 325 meters away, 5 min walk.

Who owns Yorkdale Shopping Centre?

Many international retailers have opened their first Canadian locations at Yorkdale. Yorkdale is currently owned by a joint venture between the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System through its subsidiary Oxford Properties Group and the Alberta Investment Management Corporation. Image may be subject to copyright. Find out more on Wikipedia

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