What you shouldnt post on Facebook?

What you shouldnt post on Facebook?

When you’re on Facebook, it’s never a good idea to post your home address, your telephone number, your birth year, your mother’s maiden name, or any other information that a criminal could use to steal your identity.

Why does Facebook ruin my photos?

There’s a reason for that: Facebook saves space on its servers by compressing the photos you upload, which will affect a picture’s overall quality. This is a particularly bad problem for photos you’ve downloaded from elsewhere on the web that have likely already gone through at least one compression so far.

How do I get rid of inappropriate photos on Facebook?

How do I report an abusive photo on Facebook?

  1. Tap the photo you want to report.
  2. Below the photo, tap More Options. If you don’t see this, tap in the top right.
  3. Tap Find Support or Report Photo.
  4. Select the option that best describes the issue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why did Facebook remove photos of you?

Photos are removed if enough users report that photo as offensive. If the photo was removed for violating the terms of service, review the terms of service and make any necessary changes to the photo.

Does Facebook lower the quality of photos?

Why does Facebook make images lose quality? To assist fast webpage loading times for its users, Facebook compresses all images uploaded to it. As this is done automatically, your images are subjected to a default compression, which more than likely does not suit them.

How does Facebook detect bad content?

Facebook breaks down the kind of content it’s using AI to proactively detect into seven categories: Nudity, graphic violence, terrorism, hate speech, spam, fake accounts, and suicide prevention.

Will someone know if I report a photo on Facebook?

When something gets reported to Facebook, we’ll review it and take action on anything we determine doesn’t follow our Community Standards. Unless you’re reporting an incident of intellectual property infringement, your report will be kept confidential and the account you reported won’t see who reported them.

Does Facebook keep pictures after you delete them?

When you delete something you shared on Facebook, it is permanently deleted from your Facebook account. It’s deleted from our servers and backup systems, so we’re unable to retrieve this deleted content.

How long does Facebook put you in jail?

The sentences can last from a couple of hours and go up to 21 days. Thus, there are mainly two types of blocking in Facebook jail: Temporary blocking: In such a case, Facebook suspends your account for a certain period of time and after the ban period gets over, you can resume your account activities.

Why does Facebook ruin quality?

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