Where do I park for Dream sculpture?

Where do I park for Dream sculpture?

Free parking is available at the King George V car park (Jubits Lane, St Helens, WA9 4BB) from where it is a 10-minute walk up to Dream.

Where is the big white face statue?

St Helens
About. “Dream” is a 20 metre high sculpture located on the former site of Sutton Manor Colliery in St Helens, designed by world-renowned and award-winning artist, Jaume Plensa. The sculpture takes form of a young girl’s head.

How tall is the Dream statue?

66 feet
The sculpture Dream consists of an elongated white structure 66 feet (20 m) tall, weighing 500 tonnes (490 long tons; 550 short tons), which has been cast to resemble the head and neck of a young woman with her eyes closed in meditation.

Why was the Dream built St Helens?

Her eyes are closed in quiet contemplation, intended to suggested she is dreaming not only about her future, but also that of the former colliery site and St Helens. The miners hoped that the landmark would be beacon of hope for future generations, and become a positive symbol for the area.

Can you drive up to the dream?

The car park is very well sign posted and not too far from the summit (sadly, unlike Stay Close portrayed, one cannot drive up to the top).

How long is the walk to the dream?

The Perfect Circular Walk at Sutton Manor Woodlands For the perfect leisurely 45 minute – 1 hour (1.7 mile) circular route at Sutton Manor woodlands (depending on how long you spend admiring the Dream sculpture), follow these steps…

Is the big head in stay close real?

The sculpture is a real piece of art work from Jaume Plensa and can be found in St Helens, which is between Liverpool and Manchester. Stay Close also prominently features a scene set on a beachfront, which many viewers will recognise as Blackpool, especially as the ferris wheel can be seen in certain shots.

Where is the white face statue in stay close?

The real statue is called The Dream Head, and is just off the M62 between Liverpool and Manchester – in St Helens. It was was unveiled back in 2009 and is open to the public every day with a number of walks in the surrounding area. It doesn’t actually look as though you can go inside, like Megan and Ray did, though.

Can you see yourself in a dream?

There is something to be said about the fact that we can’t see all of our dreams, nonetheless seeing ourselves in them. Despite this, we can still have dreams that involve the self and our bodies. For example, some people experience repeated dreams in which they’re naked.

Can you see time in dreams?

If you are unsure whether you are dreaming or not, try reading something. The vast majority of people are incapable of reading in their dreams. The same goes for clocks: each time you look at a clock it will tell a different time and the hands on the clock won’t appear to be moving as reported by lucid dreamers.

Is Vipers a real club?

While Vipers appears to be a single location in Stay Close, two venues were actually used to create the fictional nightclub. The first location of which is a former nightclub in the coastal Merseyside town of Formby which serves as the exterior of Vipers.

Where is the Viper Club in Stay Close?

The exterior of Vipers is filmed in Liverpool on the site of an old nightclub surrounded by woodland. While the exterior is shot in Liverpool, the interior of Vipers is shot at a club called Impossible in Manchester.

What is Sutton Manor?

Sutton Manor is a 230 acre site located in St Helens next to the M62 on the former Sutton Manor Colliery. At its highest point it is over 200m above sea level. In 2001 the former spoil heap was transformed into a community woodland and wildlife haven for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

What happened to the benches at Sutton Manor?

Two ornately-decorated benches funded by Bold Parish Council and dedicated to the memory of Sutton Manor pitmen have also been installed on the site. Within days of their installation in March 2012, vandals removed one bench, although it was quickly found and re-sited.

Where is the Dream sculpture at Sutton Manor?

Sutton Manor Woodland in St.Helens is on the site of the former Sutton Manor Colliery where the Dream sculpture is located and is managed by the Forestry Commission – also Farnworth Sutton Greenway path Sutton Manor Woodland St.Helens | Sutton Beauty & Heritage Sutton Beauty & Heritage Sutton, St.Helens Page Menu Home Beauty Pages Sutton Mill Dam

What is the highest point in Sutton Manor?

Sutton Manor is a 230 acre site located in St Helens next to the M62 on the former Sutton Manor Colliery. At its highest point it is over 200m above sea level.


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