Where does the Monbus stop in Sitges?

Where does the Monbus stop in Sitges?

Terminal 1
the Monbus bus stop is located outside Terminal 1 (T1). If you arrive at Terminal 2 (T2), you will need to catch the free airport bus which takes you to T1 (the journey is 4 km and the time is between 10 and 15 minutes). The bus stop for the T2 to T1 line can be found underneath the bridge, outside T2B.

How much is the bus from Sitges to Barcelona airport?

Bus Garraf operates a bus from Sitges – Parc Can Robert to Barcelona Airport El Prat T1 every 4 hours. Tickets cost €12 – €15 and the journey takes 35 min.

How much is train from Barcelona airport to Sitges?

How much is the train from Barcelona airport to the Sitges? There is no direct train from Barcelona airport to Sitges, but you can use one ticket for both trains. The price is 4.10€.

How much is a taxi to Sitges?

Sitges is located approximately 42 km south of Barcelona. A taxi journey will take about 40 minutes and cost about €85.00 .

How do I get from Sitges to the airport?

There is no direct train from Sitges to the Barcelona airport. If you want to use the train you will have to go first to El Prat de Llobregat station and take a local train to Sitges. To get to El Prat de Llobregat station, you have to take the airport train that leaves from terminal T2.

How often do trains run from Sitges to Barcelona?

Travel from Sitges to Barcelona Sants by train in 30 minutes Around 5 trains per day travel the 20 miles (32 km) between these two destinations. Direct trains are usually available every day on the route to Barcelona Sants.

Is Sitges worth a daytrip?

Not only Sitges is best known for its Film Festival and Carnival taking place every year, but it is a popular spot for all holidaymakers thanks to its picturesque beaches, nightlife, and historical sites.

How do I get from Barcelona airport to Sitges?

How do I get from Barcelona Airport to Sitges?

Transfer to Sitges from Barcelona Airport by Train There are no direct trains from Barcelona Airport to Sitges. Therefore, it is necessary to take the RENFE train R2 Nord from the airport and get off at the first stop called El Prat de Llobregat. From here you can catch the train to Sitges.

Is Sitges walkable?

Sitges is a very walkable destination. All of its key infrastructures are located within walking distance, in a relaxed and safe environment. Additionally, Sitges offers ample parking facilities and an affordable and equitable public transportation system.

What sea is Sitges on?

the Mediterranean Sea
Set along the Mediterranean Sea, Sitges and its collection of charming whitewashed buildings make for a picturesque getaway. Less than an hour from Barcelona, the town offers a similarly lively seaside atmosphere but without the crowds.

Is Sitges Spain worth visiting?

Sitges, just 30 minutes from Barcelona, is a beautiful seaside town and a top-rated tourist destination for a good reason. It is located between the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, a vast national park, and the vineyards, which means there is something for everyone. It is known as the Spanish St.

How much is the ride from BCN airport to Sitges?

The ride from BCN Airport to Sitges usually costs about 65€/77$ during the daytime (8:00 am – 8:00 pm). Nevertheless, if you are a late-night traveler or travelling on weekends, or holidays the night tariff will apply. Thus, you should expect to be charged approximately 85€/100$.

How do I get from Terminal 1 to Sitges?

The MonBus runs from outside Terminal 1 (T1). If your flight arrives at T2, you will need to get the free shuttle bus from T2 to T1. Once you are at T1 you will be able to get the coach to Sitges. The MonBus runs once per hour from Monday to Friday.

How much is the taxi fare from Barcelona to Sitges?

Taxi Fare: €50.00. Sitges may be the only destination for your holiday. Alternatively it may form part of a larger tour of the area. If you are planning to tour the area you may wish to consider renting a car – particularly due to the fact that the winding coastal drive from Barcelona is beautiful.

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