Where was The Block octagon?

Where was The Block octagon?

South Yarra
Filming for the eleventh began on 15 May 2015. The season renovated the former Hotel Saville in South Yarra – an octagonal, eight floor brick building.

Who won The Block series 11?

Dean PaineShay Paine
The Block Season 11/Winners

What year was the Blocktagon?

Channel 9’s The Block Blocktagon is the second season for 2015. THE hotel being renovated in the 11th series of Channel 9’s reality TV series The Block has been dubbed the Blocktagon.

How much did Kingi and Caro win?

Townsville couple Kingi & Caro had appartment number 1 on level 2. They took home a profit of $405,000. Their auction was first, setting a precedent for all the auctions. They plan to renovate their home in Townsville and also potentially extend their family.

Where was Block Glasshouse?

High Street Prahran, Melbourne
The Glasshouse building is at 121-127 High Street Prahran, Melbourne. The building is double the size of the previous season’s building, Dux House, and was the biggest block to date.

Where are Luke and Ebony now?

The brother-sister duo have used the $640,000 they won on the reality renovation show to start their own businesses. Luke, 29 launched Allure Landscapes and Construction with a friend four weeks ago while Ebony has moved to Melbourne where she will soon launch her interior design company, The Visionary Co.

Are Suzi and vonni still friends?

‘Vonni and Suzi are no longer friends,’ Woman’s Day reported a source close to the women last year.

What happened to The Block: Glasshouse contestants?

“They’re broken, particularly Dee and Darren, who have left their kids home for a long period of time – and Michael and Carlene have got two little kids that they left at home.” Max and Karstan were devastated by the auction. Past series have seen contestants walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars profit.

Did Max and Karstan cheat?

Maxine and Karstan deny they are cheats but other contestants on The Block Glasshouse question whether something dodgy is at play. And that’s not the only explosive revelation on the Nine Network’s reality renovation series on Monday, with the discovery of what could be an underground fuel tank outside the building.

Is Alisa from The Block married?

Alisa, who was also a cop until she won The Block with her sister, is also married with one son, Nate, but is said to have a “happily ever after” relationship with her husband. The sisters quit the force after they won last year’s competition, netting $395,000 in prize money.

Why did Suzi Apologise on The Block?

During the finale of The Block Suzi made a public apology, suggesting she is dealing with situations behind the cameras. ‘I encourage everyone else out there who is going through any sort of depression in life or serious problems to go and seek help and get better,’ she said during the final episode.

How much does Jess Eva get paid?

And on Thursday, Jess Eva revealed the paltry amount she was paid for appearing on the Channel Ten show. The 37-year-old was discussing Nathan Buckley reportedly pocketing $300,000 for his stint on the show, when she revealed she had received ‘not even half of half of half’ of that amount.

Who won the glasshouse block?

Shannon VosSimon Vos
The Block – Season 9/Winners

What happened to Max and Karstan?

Karstan says, “Building the apartments under the extreme highs and lows was one side of the experience. Watching it back on TV and seeing how it has all been put together was the other. I miss the stress!”. Since their season ended, Max has gone back into doing events and now manages their website, The Discovery Tales.

Who is the host of the block season 11?

The eleventh season of Australian reality television series The Block premiered on 6 September 2015 on the Nine Network. Scott Cam (host) and Shelley Craft (Challenge Master) return from the previous season, as did the three judges: Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer. The first preview was shown on August 4, 2015.

How many couples are there in Blocktagon?

The Block: Blocktagon is the third season to have five couples instead of the traditional four couples. “Let’s Begin!” “Who Gets The Penthouse?” “Who Said It Was Tacky?”

What happened to Suzi Taylor from the block?

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