Which Range Rover Sport model has 7 seats?

Which Range Rover Sport model has 7 seats?

Range Rover Sport Long Island area shoppers who need to fit seven adults need to choose the new Land Rover Discovery, as this is the only Land Rover vehicle to have seven full-size seats. The Land Rover Discovery Sport, Defender 110, and Range Rover Sport all feature the 5+2 seating configuration.

Do all Range Rover sports have 7 seats?

We often get asked which Land Rover models are available with a third row or the ability to seat 7 passengers. While no Land Rover or Range Rover comes standard with 7-Seat capacity, many of our vehicles in stock do have that option, particularly on the Land Rover Discovery and the Defender 110.

Which Range Rover trim has 7 seats?

The Discovery is the only Land Rover capable of transporting seven adults comfortably. Its stadium seating allows everybody to see the road ahead in the greatest comfort.

Does the Range Rover Sport have a third row?

Although there are other Land Rover SUVs with three rows, the Range Rover Sport has been the only Range Rover with 3rd row seating for sale—until very recently.

Does Land Rover Discovery sport have 7 seats?

Our verdict on the Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE 2.2 SD4 (7 seats) While the Discovery Sport might surprise potential buyers by being even more expensive than the Range Rover Evoque, and by some margin, it is the only compact SUV to offer this much practicality.

Does Range Rover Sport have 3rd row seating?

Does Range Rover Discovery have 7 seats?

LAND ROVER DISCOVERY HAS SEVEN FULL‑SIZE SEATS And with stadium seating, everyone can enjoy the view of the road ahead.

Is Range Rover velar a 7 seater?

Land Rover Range Rover Velar is a 5 seater Luxury available in a price range of Rs. 86.75 – 86.81 Lakh*.

Does 2022 Range Rover Sport have 3rd row?

2022 Range Rover Adds Third-Row Option, with Plug-In Hybrid to Come. The first new Range Rover in 10 years has an evolved look, four-wheel steering, and up to seven seats like its BMW X7, Mercedes GLS-class, Cadillac Escalade, and Lincoln Navigator rivals.

Is there a 7 seater Porsche?

Supposedly codenamed the ‘Landjet,’ it is a three-row model, with seating for seven, expected to debut in the second half of the decade.

Is a Range Rover more expensive than a Jeep?

As part of the Land Rover luxury SUV brand, the Range Rover family starts with the Evoque at $42,650 MSRP and runs right up to the flagship Range Rover for $90,900 MSRP. The Jeep SUV lineup starts with the $22,095 MSRP Jeep Compass and runs up to the $32,195 MSRP Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Is there a 3rd row in Range Rover Sport?

The Range Rover Sport seats five in its base configuration, but you can add a third row that bumps capacity up to seven.

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