Which shooting guard has the most rebounds?

Which shooting guard has the most rebounds?

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant has gotten the most career boards by a shooting guard, with 6,800 rebounds.

Kobe Bryant 1280 +4724
Clyde Drexler 1086 +434
Michael Jordan 930 +1416
Hal Greer 1003

What point guard has the most rebounds in a game?

On November 24, 1960, Philadelphia Warrior Wilt Chamberlain snags 55 rebounds in a game against the Boston Celtics and sets an NBA record for the most rebounds in a single game.

Who is the top 10 rebounders in the NBA?

The 10 best rebounders in NBA history

  • Dennis Rodman. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK.
  • Moses Malone. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK.
  • Artis Gilmore. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK.
  • Bob Pettit. PTS. REB. AST. 26.4. 16.2.
  • Elvin Hayes. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK.
  • Ben Wallace. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK. 5.7.
  • Andre Drummond. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK. 14.6.

Who is the goat in rebounding in the NBA?

Bill Russell, Boston Celtics (1956-69) And finally I present to you the NBA’s all-time best rebounder. Bill Russell was the first player to ever average 20 RPG in a season. Though he is first on this list, Russell is second all-time in total rebounds and rebounds per game.

Who had 30 rebounds?

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love became the first NBA player to haul down 30 rebounds and score 30 points since Moses Malone did it for Houston in 1982 against Seattle. With today’s emphasis on stats, it is surprising that it has been so long since a player has accomplished this feat.

Who is the best rebounder right now?

Top 10 Rebounders in the NBA

  • Andre Drummond. Three Year Average: 14.25 RPG.
  • Clint Capela. Three Year Average: 13.53 RPG.
  • Rudy Gobert. Three Year Average: 13.25 RPG.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo. Three Year Average: 12.37 RPG.
  • Joel Embiid. Three Year Average: 12.06 RPG.
  • Nikola Vucevic.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns.
  • Domantas Sabonis.

Who is the true goat?

Who is the GOAT in the NBA? The most common (and correct) answer to this question is former Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan. ‘Air Jordan’ won no fewer than six NBA championships during his time with the Chicago Bulls, claiming the Finals MVP award on all six occasions.

Is Rodman the best rebounder?

Dennis Rodman has to be the greatest rebounder ever, leading the league in rebounds for 7 straight years and making that his greatest skill. An obsessed rebounder who loved watching tape to study his opponent’s shots, Rodman had the best skill of grabbing defensive rebounds ever.

Who is the best rebounder in the NBA right now?

1. Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard, your numbers need to be really big. Dwight Howard is by far one of the best rebounders to have played in the NBA.

Who leads the NBA in offensive rebounding?

Moses Malone
On this page: All-Time Offensive Rebounds Leaders….NBA/ABA.

Rank Player ORB
1. Moses Malone* 7382
2. Artis Gilmore* 4816
3. Robert Parish* 4598
4. Buck Williams 4526

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