Who are the big drug distributors?

Who are the big drug distributors?

Pharmaceutical distributors’ $450 billion in annual revenue is highly concentrated among three traditional full-line distributors: AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, and McKesson.

How do you become a drug distributor in the Philippines?


  1. Accomplished and duly notarized Petition Form and Joint Affidavit of Undertaking;
  2. List of products to be distributed, identified by generic names and brand names intended for use;
  3. Copies of Pharmacist Board Registration Certificate, PRC ID, valid PTR, ID picture, and Duties and Responsibilities;

What is the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Philippines?

Unilab is the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, a position it has maintained for over six decades.

How many drug importers does the Philippines have?

700 drug importers
In total, there are more than 500 drug traders, 700 drug importers, and 5,000 drug distributors in the Philippines.

How do I start a drug distributor?

Firstly, you need to look for a premises/shop/plant for your business. Once you found the one make a rent agreement if you do not have one of your own. Then you need to connect to the pharmaceutical companies or C&F for Distributorship or stock ship. Finalize the deal with Pharmaceutical Company.

How do I become a pharmacy distributor?

How to Start a Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

  1. Hire a business consultant and determine your niche.
  2. Create a successful business plan. Research competitors. Determine company structure. Choose the right equipment. Establish roles. Conduct SWOT analysis. Verify license requirements.

Who owns UNILAB Philippines?

Jose Yao Campos

Jose Yao Campos
Nationality Filipino
Occupation Businessman
Known for Founder of United Laboratories (UNILAB)
Chinese name

How many drug manufacturers are there in the Philippines?

403 drug manufacturers
Overall, there were 403 drug manufacturers in the country in 2021.

Is Pharmacy in demand in the Philippines?

Do I recommend studying Pharmacy: Yes, there is a growing demand of pharmacists both locally and overseas. There are a lot of opportunities for pharmacist. There is a little supply of pharmacist in the Philippines. With regards to salary, it depends on your experience, skills and competence.

How do I become a pharmaceutical distributor?

How do you become a pharmaceutical distributor?

Generally, a company must first obtain a wholesale drug distributor license in their “resident” state. This can require submission of an extensive application, application fees, copies of internal policies and procedures, and surety bonds. Some states require background checks and fingerprinting as well.

How do I start a drug distribution business?

Documentation requirements

  1. Application form (in the prescribed format)
  2. Covering letter with name and designation of the applicant.
  3. Copy of the challan issued after depositing the fee for drug license.
  4. Declaration form (in the prescribed format)
  5. Site plan and key plan (blueprint) of the premises.

How do I start a generic medicine distributorship?

For taking stockist ship, you need to contact pharma companies those sell generic medicines. Contact them….Contact them.

  1. Ask for distribution ship or stockist ship at your area.
  2. Make agreement with them at mutual agreed term and condition.
  3. Start selling products to chemist/pharmacies and retailers.

Who owns RiteMed?

Unilab also owns the generic drug brand RiteMed and Pharex, both of which are managed under its subsidiary RiteMed Philippines, Inc.

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