Who does Toby Flenderson end up with?

Who does Toby Flenderson end up with?

Toby joined the seminary but dropped out after a year to pursue a woman named Cathy. He followed her to Scranton and took the first job available, which was in Human Resources. The two married and had a daughter, Sasha.

Who is Toby’s girlfriend?

Janine Poreba
At the time of her appearance, Janine Poreba was Paul Lieberstein (Toby)’s girlfriend.

Is Toby the Scranton Strangler?

In an interview with PopCulture.com, while Lieberstein stopped short of admitting that Toby was really the Scranton Strangler, he did confirm that Toby was capable of being the guy. “Oh yeah,” Lieberstein said. “There’s a lot we didn’t get to do with this Scranton Strangler. We had a lot of designs.”

Why did Toby leave the office?

Toby also didn’t have the best family life after his divorce and subsequent custody arrangements involving his daughter. He left Dunder Mifflin for a brief time to move to Costa Rica but a broken neck forced him back to his old job, much to the dismay of Michael.

Why did Kevin get fired?

When Kevin refuses them service and tells them to leave, Dwight tells Kevin that he was only fired because of his constant mistakes, and that he misses him and still considers him a friend. Kevin forgives Dwight and tells him that he misses him too. He is later seen attending Dwight and Angela’s wedding.

Did Toby and Adelaide date?

Reign costars Adelaide Kane and Toby Regbo are rumored to have dated in 2013.

What age is Toby Regbo?

30 years (October 18, 1991)Toby Regbo / Age

Why was Kevin fired?

Is Andy the Scranton Strangler?

Again, there’s no smoking gun that definitively proves Andy is the Scranton Strangler. However, given his anger issues, multiple “identities,” eagerness to get rid of a car, hand injuries, stalking, and knowledge of sneaking up on prey, the Scranton PD might want to have a word with the Nard Dog.

Is Toby in love with Pam?

Toby had a crush on Pam in ‘The Office’ But there was another person in the office who liked Pam. That would be Toby (Paul Lieberstein), who worked as the human resources representative. He did little things to show her his affection by winning her a stuffed animal during an outing with co-workers.

Why didn’t Michael Scott speak in the last episode?

The official story at the time of Carell’s exit from The Office was that he wanted to spend more time with his wife and children. He didn’t speak much about it directly, simply saying in a 2010 interview with Us Weekly that Season 7 would be his last, as his contract was ending.

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