Who is the black horse in Free Rein?

Who is the black horse in Free Rein?

The main star, Raven, is a gorgeous jet black Friesian cross. Behind every great horse is a good trainer. The horses on Free Rein are no exception.

What happened to Bob in Free Rein?

Raven ran out, followed by Firefly, who was followed by Bob. They all claimed that Bob was a hero, but just seconds after the horses escaped, disaster struck, and Bob collapsed to the ground.

What are the horses names in Free Rein?

Wild Horses

  • Beryl Richards.
  • Vicki Lutas. Anna McCleery.
  • Jaylen Barron. Joe Ashman. Manpreet Bambra.

Is Firefly from Free Rein a girl or boy?

Gender. Firefly is one of the main character horses in Free Rein. He belongs to Mia and is boarded at Bright Fields by her father Elliot.

What is Jade’s name in Free Rein?

Manpreet Bambra as Jade Gill, Zoe and Becky’s best friend who rides at Bright Fields. In series three, she receives an honorary letter from David Attenborough after her successful horse project.

Is Free Rein a true story?

Produced in the UK by Lime Pictures, the ten-part first series premiered on Netflix on 23 June 2017. Although the island where the series is set is fictional and unnamed, it is based on Anglesey, Wales and is referred to as “an island off the coast of England” throughout the programme.

What horse plays Firefly Free Rein?

Fans of the show will be familiar with this dazzling Thoroughbred who is Mia’s showjumping horse in Free Rein. Firefly is introduced at the start of Season 1 Episode 2 “Close Up”. His sporty looks are somewhat misleading, as Firefly is in fact a Spanish horse in real life.

Is Raven from Free Rein a real horse?

Raven in Free Rein is played by a jet-black Friesian cross horse called Maca. Alongside most other horses in the show, he belongs to stunt coordinator Steve Dent. What is this? According to the show’s lead actress Jaylen Barron, Maca is a wonderful horse with a unique personality.

Is Bright Fields stables a real place?

The small town of Beaumaris appears as the island’s pier on the show. Other filming locations for Free Rein include the towns of Ellesmere, Whitchurch, and Malpas in Shropshire, England. What is this? The exact location of Brightfields Stables, where Zoe discovers equestrian life, is unknown.

What horse is Raven Free Rein?

Raven is one of the main character horses in Free Rein. Raven (Registered name Midnight Blue) is a Thoroughbred horse and Zoe’s best friend. He is of royal bloodlines and the son of world famous racehorse Ruby Dawn.

Who is Jade’s horse in Free Rein?

Free Rein is a show based on a young girl called Zoe and her family from the US visiting the UK, where she finds herself connected to a horse called Raven. The show follows on topics including: horse riding, friendships, love triangles and competitions. A show full of drama, fun and adventure.

What is Jade’s last name Free Rein?

Manpreet Bambra
Free Rein’s Manpreet Bambra (aka Jade)

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