Who is the villain in Mine Kdrama?

Who is the villain in Mine Kdrama?

Lee Hyun-wook
Then Ja-kyeong showed her true self – as Lee Hye-jin, the birth mother of Hi-soo’s son Ha-joon (Jeong Hyun-jun) – and the true villain was revealed to be Han Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook), Hi-soo’s husband and Hye-jin’s former lover.

Who is Suzy in Mine Kdrama?

Jung Seo-Hyun’s Group

Kim Jung-Hwa Jo Hye-Won Kim Yi-Seo
Suzy Choi Jung Seo-Hyun (young) (ep.2) Suzy Choi (young) (ep.2)

Who gets the blue diamond in Mine Kdrama?

Another bone of contention since Mine episode 1 was the blue diamond. So, Seong-tae had the blue diamond the day before trying to kill Ji-yong. However, Min-su takes it from him later because it was she who killed him.

What kind of drama is Mine?

Drama Mystery Thriller Black Comedy
Mine (TV series)

Hangul 마인
Genre Drama Mystery Thriller Black Comedy
Created by Kim Jae-hyun (tvN) Kim Young-gyu (Studio Dragon)
Written by Baek Mi-kyung

Who is Ha-joon’s birth mother?

Lee Hye-jin
It turns out that Lee Hye-jin, the birth mother of Ha-joon, an eight-year-old scion of the Han family who owns the Hyowon Group of companies, was sent away by the family upon his birth eight years ago.

Who is Mother Emma in Mine Kdrama?

Ye Soo-jung
On the surface the Han family lives an enviable luxurious life, but it’s one they seem incapable of enjoying and often sabotage. When the drama opens at the scene of a murder, Mother Emma, played by Ye Soo-jung, notes that the rich family she knows lives in their own hell.

Where is Mine filmed?

The movie was shot in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. The directors dedicated the film in memory of their location manager, Nikolai Semjevski (1975 – 2015).

Who killed Yuyeon?

Outside in the hallway, Ji-Hwa confronts Dong-Sik, knowing it was him who placed Min-Jung’s fingers outside the shop. Asking just what he’s hiding, Dong-Sik comes clean and reveals that Ki-Hwan was the one who killed Yu-Yeon all those years ago.

Is Mine a good Kdrama?

While the main cast do well to hide these blemishes, this is a Korean drama carrying a fair amount of issues with both its plot and pacing. If you can stick it out through the early material and take to the murder mystery, Mine does make good by the end.

Who is Ha-joon birth mother?

He brings up the horse riding incident and getting hurt, demanding she explain herself. Well, Hi-Soo starts investigating and finds out what we’ve all known for two episodes or so now – Ja-Kyeong is actually Ha-Joon’s birth mother.

Who is Ha-joon’s mom in Mine?

It turns out that Lee Hye-jin, the birth mother of Ha-joon, an eight-year-old scion of the Han family who owns the Hyowon Group of companies, was sent away by the family upon his birth eight years ago.

Is Mine 9 movie true?

BLUEFIELD — West Virginia native and actor, Kevin Sizemore recently starred in a new movie called Mine 9. It is inspired by true events of coal mine disasters, but not one accident in particular. Instead, the movie was written as a juxtaposition of realistic portrayals of miners and their families.

Who killed Min Jeong Beyond Evil?

Episode 16 of Beyond Evil begins with Chang-Jin arriving at Ki-Hwan’s house and confronting him. In fact, it’s here Ki-Hwan comes clean and admits that their conversation was recorded. In order to bait Joo-Won, they decide to use Jung as their tool. Now we skip forward and see it was Chang-Jin who killed Jung.

Is Yu-Yeon alive in Beyond Evil?

Later when he was installing a new boiler at Dongshik’s house, he placed Yu yeon’s body in the basement wall at Dongshik’s house. So, there is actually no unsolved mystery in beyond evil. All has been answered.

What is the meaning of Park So yeon?

In this Korean name, the family name is Park. Park So-yeon (born Park In-jung on October 5, 1987), referred to as Soyeon, is a South Korean singer and actress. She debuted as a member of girl group T-ara in July 2009, which went on to become one of the best-selling girl groups of all time.

What is Park Shi yeon famous for?

Park Shi Yeon (born Park Mi Seon) is a South Korean actress. She joined the Miss Korea pageant in 2000, and using that as a springboard to an acting career, made her acting debut in China in 2004, appearing in minor roles in several CCTV dramas.

What kind of movies does Park Si-yeon appear in?

Park Si-yeon. As she built her filmography in the following years, Park overcame early criticism of her acting skills and eventually gained respect as an actress in TV series such as La Dolce Vita, Coffee House and The Innocent Man, as well as the films The Fox Family, A Love, and The Scent .

Was Park Si yeon treated with propofol due to a rare disease?

“Doctor States Park Si Yeon was Treated with Propofol Due to a Rare Disease”. enewsWorld. Archived from the original on 2013-07-03. ^ Lee, Cory (2013-10-29). “Park Si-yeon, Lee Seung-yeon, Jang Mi In Ae Sentenced Imprisonment for Propofol Misuse”. 10Asia.

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