Who owns SugarCreek foods?

Who owns SugarCreek foods?

John G. Richardson
Today, nearly half a century later and under the leadership of his son, John G. Richardson, the company he created has grown into a diversified, innovative and extraordinarily flexible food manufacturer with six major facilities.

What county is Sugarcreek Township in?

Greene County, Ohio
Sugarcreek Township is one of the twelve townships of Greene County, Ohio, United States. As of the 2010 census, the population was 8,041, up from 6,629 people at the 2000 census….

Sugarcreek Township, Greene County, Ohio
County Greene
• Total 26.6 sq mi (68.9 km2)
• Land 26.4 sq mi (68.4 km2)

Is Sugarcreek Ohio a good place to live?

If you’re looking for an active nightlife, Sugarcreek has little to offer but boasts a crime rate well below the national average. The employment rate is five percent with numerous job opportunities within a thirty- minute commute and the cost of living is below average, making it a great place to live.

What county is Tuscarawas Ohio in?

Tuscarawas CountyTuscarawas / County

Is Sugarcreek Ohio an Amish community?

Sugarcreek is located in Ohio’s Amish Country, about two hours from Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh.

What does the word Tuscarawas mean?

open mouth
“Tuscarawas,” for which the county, river and village are named, is believed to be a Delaware word meaning “old town” or “open mouth.” The first inhabitants of the county were Native Americans, and our written history begins when they became quick friends with the Moravian Missionary David Zeisberger.

Why is Sugarcreek Ohio called Little Switzerland?

It wasn’t long before Sugarcreek became known as a Swiss cheese-making hub, and the downtown area took on an Alpine-style architectural appearance that has earned the nickname of “Little Switzerland.”

How did Coshocton Ohio get its name?

Coshocton County is bordered by Holmes, Tuscarawas, Guernsey, Muskingum, Licking, and Knox counties in Ohio. The County Seat is Coshocton. Coshocton County is a rich historical area. The word Coshocton is a derivative of an Indian word meaning “union of waters”.

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