Who sang the original song it had to be you?

Who sang the original song it had to be you?

Frank SinatraRod StewartBarbra StreisandTony BennettBillie HolidayRay Charles
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Who wrote it had to be you lyrics?

Gus KahnIt Had to Be You / LyricistGustav Gerson Kahn was an American lyricist who contributed a number of songs to the Great American Songbook, including “Pretty Baby”, “Ain’t We Got Fun?”, “Carolina in the Morning”, “Toot, Toot, Wikipedia

Did Socrates say to do is to be?

“To be is to do.” — Socrates. “To do is to be.” — Jean-Paul Sartre.

Why is It Had to Be You Rated R?

“It Had to Be You” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian) for sexual themes.

Did Dooley Wilson actually play the piano in Casablanca?

It looked great on the big screen, but the famed musician “Sam” from the 1942 classic movie “Casablanca” didn’t actually play the piano. Tyler-born actor and musician Arthur “Dooley” Wilson was a singer and drummer, but he did not play piano.

What alcohol is Frank Sinatra buried?

Frank Sinatra (1915 to 1998). The “My Way” singer was buried his way, with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, a pack of Camel cigarettes, a Zippo lighter, and a dollar’s worth of dimes, according to contemporary news accounts. The dimes were reportedly in case he needed to use a pay phone.

What movies was Harry Connick Jr in?

Hope Floats1998Copycat1995Independe… Day1996The Iron Giant1999Dolphin Tale2011New in Town2009
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What genre of music is Harry Connick Junior?

JazzHarry Connick Jr. / Genre

Harry Connick, Jr., in full Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr., (born September 11, 1967, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.), American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor who was known musically for his explorations into jazz, funk, big-band, and romantic ballads.

How old was Billy Crystal When Harry Met Sally?

Ditto for Reiner, who said he was “nervous” about the idea, which is why he had to make sure The Princess Bride star really was the “perfect guy” before finally making the call to Crystal, then 40 years old, and the rest is history. 4.

How do you know rated?

PG-13How Do You Know / MPAA rating

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