Who won Apprentice series 6?

Who won Apprentice series 6?

Stella EnglishThe Apprentice (UK) Season 6 / Winner

Who won the Apprentice 2015 UK?

Joseph Valente
As a result, eighteen candidates took part in the eleventh series, with Joseph Valente becoming the overall winner. Excluding the specials, the series averaged around 7.18 million viewers during its broadcast.

What year was series 6 of The Apprentice?

Alongside the standard twelve episodes, two specials were aired alongside this series – “The Final Five” on 9 December; and “Why I Fired Them” on 16 December….The Apprentice (British series 6)

The Apprentice
Original release 6 October – 19 December 2010
Series chronology

Who won Apprentice series 2?

Michelle DewberryThe Apprentice Season 2 / WinnerMichelle Louise Faye Dewberry is a British businesswoman, politician, presenter, and media personality.
Dewberry won the second series of British television programme The Apprentice. Wikipedia

Who Won Series 7 apprentice?

Tom PellereauThe Apprentice (UK) – Season 7 / Winner

Where can I watch The Apprentice season 6?

Top 5 providers

  • Netflix.
  • hayu.
  • Amazon Video.

Who won Apprentice Season 8?

Ricky MartinThe Apprentice (UK) – Season 8 / Winner

How can I watch the UK apprentice in the US?

How to watch The Apprentice online from outside your country

  1. Use a VPN to watch The Apprentice online from anywhere.
  2. Download and install a VPN – we recommend ExpressVPN.
  3. Connect to the relevant server location – launch the VPN app, click on ‘choose location’ and select the right location i.e. UK for iPlayer.

Who is the most successful Apprentice UK winner?

NationalWorld has analysed Companies House data for each winning business to find the answers.

  • Tom Pellereau – 2011 winner.
  • Ricky Martin – 2012 winner.
  • Dr Leah Totton – 2013 winner.
  • Mark Wright – 2014 winner.
  • Joseph Valente – 2015 winner.
  • Alana Spencer – 2016 winner.
  • Sarah Lynn – 2017 joint winner.

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