Why are my recorded shows disappearing?

Why are my recorded shows disappearing?

Most likely, you were out of hard drive storage space and the DVR automatically deleted the oldest recorded shows. Shows are only kept until more room is needed, however you can protect shows from deletion from the Recorded TV category.

Why do some of my recordings on directv keep disappearing?

The only reason for recordings to disappear is they got deleted either manually or due to low storage or exceeding series limits. There is no way to recover deleted recordings. You either re-record or download if available through on demand.

Does directv automatically delete recordings?

DIRECTV DVRs have always automatically managed space by deleting the oldest recordings to make way for new ones if there was a need for more space.

Can’t delete podcast from up next?

Try it.

  1. Tap on a podcast.
  2. Tap on “Clear Up Next” if prompted.
  3. Then scroll up on the Now Playing screen and note that the rest of the podcasts in that podcast feed or station are also listed in the queue.

How do I recover deleted DVR recordings?

Use the arrow buttons to highlight Saved. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Recordings then arrow down to Recently Deleted. Use the arrow buttons to select the deleted program to recover and press OK. Select Recover and press OK to restore the program.

Can you get back deleted programs on DVR?

3 Restoring Deleted Shows Once you select the program you’d like to restore, you’ll be able to select a recovery option. Verizon users must go to the cable menu and select “DVR” then “Recently Deleted” to select the programs they want to undelete.

How do I stop directv from deleting my recordings?

DIRECTVhelp. Good morning @4Bushnells2018, There is no way to disable the last chance feature however, you can keep shows until you want to delete them. You can simply click on the recording with the last chance icon on the left, after that choose the “Keep” option, and then choose “Keep until I delete”.

How do I delete old podcast episodes?

Delete one episode

  1. Open the Podcasts app.
  2. Go to the Library tab, then tap Shows.
  3. Tap the show to see all of its episodes.
  4. Find the episode that you want, then touch and hold the episode.
  5. Tap Remove Download.

How do I delete individual podcast episodes?

To remove:

  1. A specific episode: Tap the episode. Tap Downloaded Remove download.
  2. All downloaded episodes: Tap Library Downloads. Tap More Remove all.

Can you recover deleted PVR recordings?

You can recover a deleted recording from your PVR for up to 30 days. A deleted program resides in the Recently Deleted area at the bottom of the Recording section of the Saved menu in the BlueCurve TV guide.

How do I find my lost recordings?

Way 1: Recover Deleted Call/Voice Recordings from Backup on Android Phone

  1. Step 1: Go to the Settings. This will help you access your backup data.
  2. Step 2: Go to System tab.
  3. Step 3: Access your backup data and restore your backup data.
  4. Step 1: Find contact information.
  5. Step 2: Ask the app servicer to restore your data.

How do I recover deleted programs from my DVR?

From the DVR menu go to Configure and Upgrade. Choose recent deletes and the select the program you want. You will then have the option to recover it. Keep in mind that you can only recover recently deleted shows.

Can you undelete a show on DVR?

How long do recordings last on DirecTV?

nine months
DirecTV Stream will retain your recordings for 90 days, which is less than the competition such as YouTube TV, which retains your records for nine months. As usual with a cable company, however, there is a caveat: this offer is currently only available to new subscribers to DirecTV Stream.

What does lock all recordings mean?

Locking a recording prevents the system from deleting a program to make space for new recordings. NOTE: You can still manually delete a locked recording. Locking only prevents the system from automatically deleting it. Step 1: Pick A Recording. Press MENU, highlight DVR and press OK.

Do Podcasts take up storage?

Because Apple Podcasts is able to download shows to listeners’ devices, the app can end up consuming a lot of device storage.

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