Will metal shears cut fiber cement?

Will metal shears cut fiber cement?

Shears. The best way to cut panels is with electric shears. Those made by Kett Tools, Pacific International, and Porter-Cable cut fiber cement the same way double-action metal shears cut sheet metal: A narrow strip of waste curls up between the knives as the shears make their way across a panel.

Is fiber cement siding brittle?

Fiber cement can also be brittle before being installed on the wall. Care must be taken to properly store panels, which generally require two people to carry and install. Attention must be paid to the types of nails and guns used to prevent blowouts at the point of fastening on the panel.

What is a cement shear?

Product Description. The Makita fiber cement Shear has a powerful motor with variable speed and precision machined blades to cut straight and contour lines quickly and quietly with less dust. The JS8000 is engineered for cutting fiber cement products and select exterior siding products.

What was the main problem with fiber cement board siding?

Because this material is porous, it can also absorb water through the cut edges. This water can then cause the product to crack or split, especially in colder climates. Moisture can also cause mold or mildew in the sheathing. Fiber cement also takes a long time to dry, unlike wood siding which drys quickly.

What do you use to cut fiber cement?

For cutting fiber-cement siding, it’s best to use a 4- to 6-tooth polycrystalline diamond-tipped (PCD) blade made specifically for fiber-cement. Regular carbide blades will cut fiber cement, but they dull relatively quickly, and if you attempt a gang cut, the blades overheat and can warp.

How strong is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding has the durability of cement, a class 1A fire rating, is impervious to wood-boring insects, does not rot, and is resistant to deterioration from salt and ultraviolet rays.

Does Hardie board break easily?

Hardie siding is waterproof, fire resistant, and pest and insect resistant, which means that not only will the siding last, but it will protect the interior of your home for longer, without warping or breaking.

What are cement shears used for?

Shears are necessary for fiber cement installation mainly because they produce less debris and can create versatile cuts. Any contractor will tell you though that the biggest downfall in using the shears is the speed, or lack thereof.

Why is my fiber cement siding cracking?

Fiber cement siding can also shrink, crack, or lift off the house. These usually happen because of incorrect installation or weather and age.

What can I use to cut fiber cement board?


  1. When cutting fiber-cement siding with circular saw, use a blade that has only four or six teeth.
  2. To keep dust to a minimum, use a circular saw that’s equipped with either a dust-collection bag or electric fan that blows dust into a bucket.
  3. For a slow, but virtually dustless way to cut siding, use power shears.

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