Will TV licensing contact me?

Will TV licensing contact me?

Occasionally we may call you if there’s a problem with your TV Licence. This will usually be about a missed payment, a cancelled Direct Debit, or a reminder to renew. If you’re not sure the call is genuine, don’t provide any personal information.

How do I get my TV license Number South Africa?

You can find your 10-digit TV Licence number on your current TV Licence, as well as any letters or emails we’ve sent you. You can find your 9-digit Customer number on your payment or savings card or your 10-digit TV Licence number on your current TV Licence, as well as any letters or emails we’ve sent you.

How do I check my South African TV Licence balance?

How can I check my payment or savings card balance?

  1. Signing into your payment card to view your payment history and balance.
  2. Calling our 24 hour automated enquiry service on 0300 555 0286*.
  3. Texting INFO along with your Customer Number (eg: INFO 123456789) to 64488.

How do I check the status of my TV Licence?

Simply sign in to view your licence and expiry date. You’ll need the licence number, last name and postcode of the licence holder. Don’t know your TV Licence number? If you receive your licence through the post, the expiry date will also be on your TV Licence.

Can I apply for TV Licence at Pick n Pay?

Pick n Pay Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Family Stores nationwide. Foodworld, Saveworld and Hypersavers (in the Western Cape) Woolworths.

Will I get a reminder to renew my TV Licence?

If you do not inform TV Licensing of any changes and consequently do not receive an email reminder that your next TV Licence is due, you will remain fully responsible and liable to pay the licence fee and to ensure that you are properly licensed and may still be prosecuted if you are found to be using a TV receiver to …

Can I pay TV licence at Pep?

Pay your accounts conveniently at PEP! From DStv, Telkom or your TV licence. Just take your reference number to any PEP, PEPcell or PEPhome and the friendly staff will assist you with your payment.

Can I buy a TV Licence online in South Africa?

You may now also pay online now by using your credit card, or online at your own banking website using the TV Licences account details, or go to the EasyPay website for virtual peace of mind. But just in case you would rather pay in person, there are many options of where to pay.

How do I renew my TV Licence?

Call us on 0300 790 6165* or pay online. Or, you can pay smaller amounts by debit or credit card if you apply for a TV Licensing payment card. You can use this card to pay weekly or monthly at any PayPoint, over the phone, by text or online. Call 0300 555 0286* to get a TV Licensing payment card.

Can I view my TV Licence online?

You can view your TV Licence online at any time. Once you’re signed in, you can also download or print your licence if you need to. To sign in, you’ll need your TV Licence number, last name and postcode on the licence.

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