Who is the girl with the sword in walking dead?

Who is the girl with the sword in walking dead?

Michonne (/mɪˈʃɔːn/ mi-SHOHN), later revealed as Michonne Hawthorne, is a fictional character from The Walking Dead.

Who uses a katana in The Walking Dead?

The Katana is mainly used by Michonne as it is her signature weapon. The Katana is characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands.

What happened to the girl with the sword on the walking dead?

Michonne thought she had lost the love of her life and the scene was heartwrenching. After the time jump in season nine, it is revealed that Michonne gave birth to Rick’s son, R.J., who she raises with Rick’s daughter Judith.

What happened Michonne’s sword?

To make up for this, the show answered the sad moment with an awesome moment. In the closing moments of the episode, the ever deadly Michonne got reunited with her katana sword. It’s symbolic in more than one way.

Why does Michonne use a katana?

There are many reasons why Michonne chooses to continue carrying a katana as her primary weapon. The first may be sentimentality, but there are definitely some practical uses for a katana during a zombie apocalypse as well, including: Stealthy and silent. More effective at close range.

How long is Michonne’s katana?

26.75 Inches
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Brand HMS
Blade Length 26.75 Inches
Handle Material Wood,Steel
Color Michonne’s Katana
Blade Material High Carbon Steel

How did Michonne learn to use the sword?

As the story reveals her history, we learn that Michonne got the katana right at the beginning of the outbreak. She had no experience with this type of weapon and no formal training. She learned to use it instinctually, practicing on the walkers who tried to kill her every day.

How sharp is Michonne’s katana?

Description. This is a well-made folded steel Katana, made to look just like Michonne’s Katana from The Walking Dead. The blade is very sharp and folded 13 times resulting in 8,192 layers. The visible grain pattern on the blade comes from folding the blade repeatedly during forging.

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