Can you swim at Cucumber Falls Ohiopyle?

Can you swim at Cucumber Falls Ohiopyle?

While you can’t swim at Cucumber Falls, you can dip your feet in the water and enjoy the mist from the waterfall. You can also slip and slide down the Meadow Run Natural Water Slide at Ohiopyle State Park. Find the official website for Ohiopyle State Park.

Where do you park for Cucumber Falls Ohiopyle?

Getting There

  • From the town of Ohiopyle proceed south on Route 381 and make a right turn on Kentuck Road.
  • Travel 1/3 of a mile on Kentuck Road and look for Cucumber Falls parking area on the right.
  • Park in the large gravel lot.

Where is Ohiopyle Falls located?

Ohiopyle State Park
Sometimes referred to as the “Niagara Falls of Western Pennsylvania”, Ohiopyle Falls is located near the center of 19,052 acre Ohiopyle State Park, just off Route 381 in Fayette County. A late autumn view of Ohiopyle Falls from the overlook along Ferncliff Trail.

How long is Meadow Run Trail Ohiopyle?

The Meadow Run Trail at Ohiopyle State Park is a 1.85 mile loop hike featuring waterfalls, enormous rock formations, fossils, and all-around gorgeous Laurel Highlands scenery.

Can you go swimming at Bushkill Falls?

This year-round Bushkill Falls camping location is centered around a 60-acre lake in the Pocono Mountains. Visitors can enjoy water sports like swimming, boating, and fishing.

Does Ohiopyle have a beach?

Ohiopyle State Park is one of the best and most popular parks in Pennsylvania. However, unlike many parks, there is no beach or swimming pool to cool off in on a hot day. Fortunately, though, there are the Natural Waterslides.

Why are Cucumber Falls called cucumbers?

To the left, a stream falls over the lip of the flat rock ledge. This is Cucumber Falls. Park brochures describe Cucumber as a “bridal veil” waterfall. At this time of the year, with the stream at a low flow, you get a sense of the wispy nature of the cascade and, thus, the description.

Are there bears at Ohiopyle?

Visitors to Ohiopyle may be lucky enough to see: White-tailed deer. Black bear. Bobcats.

Can you swim in Ohiopyle PA?

What state is Ohiopyle?

PennsylvaniaOhiopyle / State

Can u swim at Ohiopyle?

What is Ohiopyle known for?

Ohiopyle is known for the fast-flowing whitewater of the Youghiogheny River, which attracts boaters of all skills and ages. Go on an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the busiest section of whitewater east of the Mississippi River, ranging from Class III to IV.

Can you swim at Ohiopyle?

Can you go swimming at Ohiopyle?

Can you go tubing in Ohiopyle?

These places are best for river rafting & tubing in Ohiopyle: Laurel Highlands River Tours & Outdoor Center. White Water Adventurers. Wilderness Voyageurs.

What is Ohiopyle Falls?

The Ohiopyle Falls is the Youghiogheny River dropping fifteen to twenty feet over a block of resistant sandstone. Places to Experience It The epicenter and focus for the park is the observation decks with their view of the nearly twenty foot Ohiopyle Falls.

What is the Ohiopyle State Park office?

The Ohiopyle State Park Office — Laurel Highlands Falls Area Visitor Center is an activity and information hub for the park and serves as a gateway to the larger Laurel Highlands region. Diverse exhibits throughout the building help visitors learn about wildlife and recreational opportunities in the park and region.

What to do in Ohiopyle PA?

Top 10 Activities to do at Ohiopyle. View Ohiopyle Falls and stroll through the borough of Ohiopyle. Explore rare plants and fossils on Ferncliff Peninsula. See the deepest gorge in Pennsylvania from Baughman Rocks. Brave the river with a trip on the Middle or Lower ‘Yough.’. Have a picnic with a view at Tharp Knob.

What is Ohiopyle?

The “Yough” [yawk] provides some of the best whitewater boating in the eastern United States, as well as spectacular scenery. Ohiopyle is the southern gateway into the Laurel Highlands and represents the beautiful natural resources and unique sense of community that visitors can find throughout the region.

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