Does Fcmb work on Saturday?

Does Fcmb work on Saturday?

Due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus, we have temporarily suspended Saturday Banking. As usual, our self-service channels are available for your convenience. These include FCMB New Mobile, *329#, FCMB Online (internet banking) and FCMB Credit / Debit Cards.

How do I upgrade my FCMB account?

See steps below:

  1. Login to FCMB New Mobile.
  2. Select ‘Upgrade my Account’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the account you would like to upgrade.
  4. Select preferred Account Tier.
  5. Upload the required documents and submit.
  6. Account will be successfully upgraded.

How do I open Fcmb files?

How to open an FCMB Easy Account

  1. Dial *329#
  2. Follow the simple instructions.

How much loan can I get from FCMB?

It offers customers access to loan as low as N20,000 and as much as N10 million within hours, with no collateral required and also a flexible monthly repayment schedule options up to 180 days.. Customers can apply via FCMB internet banking or mobile banking. You can also visit the nearest FCMB Branch for assistance.

How can I get FCMB on WhatsApp?


  1. Contact Centre Services.
  2. Ways to reach us.
  3. Corporate Address: Primrose Tower, 17A, Tinubu Street, Marina, Lagos.
  4. Telephone: 07003290000, , 01-2798800.
  5. Email: [email protected]
  6. Whatsapp: (+234) 09099999814 or (+234) 09099999815.

What is the minimum balance for FCMB savings account?

A simple and convenient way to manage your day-to-day finances. With an account opening balance of N5,000 and zero minimum operating balance, you can conveniently bank your way.

How much can a Tier 3 account receive?

Tier three allows daily transactions of a million naira, with daily cumulative balances of five million naira. In order to qualify, you need to have at least a BVN. Those who possess this merchant level can send or receive a million naira daily.

Which bank changed to FCMB?

In 2001, the name of the bank was changed from First City Merchant Bank to First City Monument Bank Limited following the bank’s transformation to a universal bank. A new subsidiary, FCMB Capital Markets Limited, was formed to support its corporate finance activities.

What is FCMB loan interest rate?

Interest rate of 13% per annum (all charges/fees inclusive) Tenor of up to 4 years. Maximum loan amount of N100,000,000.

How long does it take to get FCMB loan?

Teller inputs customer account number on the system to confirm customer eligibility. Eligible amount is displayed. Customer confirms go ahead with the loan amount and conditions. Loan is disbursed within 8 hours.

How can I check my FCMB account balance?

If you want to check your account balance, then the USSD code to dial is *329#. The actual code to check the balance on your phone is *329*00#. After dialing the USSD code on your phone, follow the instructions on the screen to get your bank account’s current balance.

How can I open FCMB account with my phone?

How to Open and FCMB Account using USSD (No internet connection needed)

  1. Dial *329# using the phone number you wish to open the account with.
  2. Enter your First name and click on Send.
  3. Visit FCMB account opening portal using
  4. Select the account type you wish to open.
  5. Click on ‘Get Started’

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