Does T Yanna Wallace have kids?

Does T Yanna Wallace have kids?

T’yanna Wallace Biggie Smalls’ first child, a daughter, was born on August 8, 1993 to his longtime girlfriend and high school sweetheart Jan Jackson when she was 22 and he was 21.

Does Biggie Smalls have a daughter?

T’yanna WallaceThe Notorious B.I.G. / Daughter

Who is Tiana Wallace mother?

Jan JacksonT’yanna Wallace / Mother

What does Biggie Smalls daughter do?

What happened to Biggie’s daughter?

His daughter, T’yanna Dream Wallace, is the older of the two children. She is now 26-years-old. She has grown to be a young and talented business-woman and clothing designer. She has her own clothing line she named Notoriouss Clothing, after her father’s legacy.

What does T Yanna Wallace do for a living?

BusinesspersonT’yanna Wallace / ProfessionA businessman or businesswoman is an individual who has ownership or shareholdings over a private sector and undertakes activities for the purpose of generating cash flow, sales, and revenue by using Wikipedia

Is T Yanna Wallace pregnant?

T’yanna Wallace is pregnant! The 28-year-old daughter of the late great Notorious BIG is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her boyfriend. Lil Cease attended the couple’s baby shower this past weekend and he was over the moon.

How old is Christopher Wallace?

24 years (1972–1997)The Notorious B.I.G. / Age at death

Where does Voletta Wallace live now?

Voletta Wallace, a retired teacher, is founder of the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation. She lives in Pennsylvania.

Did Tupac Shakur have any kids?

To public knowledge, Tupac didn’t have any children. Not long before his death, Tupac married his girlfriend Keisha Morris in April 1995. At the time, he was in prison for a sexual abuse conviction. The pair had always planned to have kids, but they split shortly before Tupac died.

Who got all biggies money?

Today Biggie’s estate has ballooned to be worth an estimated $160 million thanks to posthumous album releases, re-releases, licensing deals and more. The estate is controlled and managed by his mom Voletta Wallace.

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