How do I pair my Motorola phone to my Apple Watch?

How do I pair my Motorola phone to my Apple Watch?

It is not possible to set up the watch using an Android phone or even an iPad. You must also use your own iPhone since the Apple Watch will use the Apple ID that’s associated with the device—any old iPhone will work as long as Apple still supports it. This means you cannot use your friend’s iPhone to set up the watch.

Can Android watch work with iPhone?

With the introduction of Wear OS, Google improved support for pairing Android watches with iPhones. To pair devices, you’ll need an iPhone 5 or newer models, running iOS 9 or later.

Does Apple Watch work with Android phones?

Since the Apple Watch is not compatible with Android, you need to use it as a standalone smartwatch. For this, you first need to ensure that you buy the cellular variant of the wearable; otherwise, you’ll significantly limit what it can do. Then, you need to set up your new Apple Watch using an iPhone.

Can you pair an iPhone with an Android?

Although the iPhone has built-in Bluetooth technology, wireless file transfer capabilities are limited by its operating system. To transfer files wirelessly between an iPhone and an Android device, both devices must be running the same third-party Bluetooth file transfer application.

Does the Moto 360 work with the iPhone?

Yes, the Moto 360 does work with the iPhone As long as the Moto 360 has the latest version of Android Wear, it just works By Dan Seifert @dcseifert Aug 31, 2015, 12:36pm EDT Today, Google revealed that its Android Wear platform will now work with the iPhone, a big step for the nascent wearables world.

What does the moto360 have to offer?

With built in GPS, intelligent heart rate tracking and sleep sensors included, the Moto360 was designed to be a beautiful looking smartwatch and powerful fitness aid compatible with all of the major fitness apps like Strava, Nike Run Club and Google Fit, helping you to stay healthy and motivated.

What makes the Moto 360 Smart watch so special?

The new Moto 360 Smart watch for Apple and Android. Crafted from premium materials: Gorilla Glass, stainless-steel body sealed with titanium screws, scratch resistant PVD coating. With a large selection of silicone, leather and metal compatible bands, in a myriad of colours and thousands of watch faces, you can easily match to your lifestyle.

How much water can the Moto 360 withstand?

The Moto 360 can withstand up to 3atm and with a 30m water rating it offers full protection in the shower, pool or sea.

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