How do you remove the center console on a BMW z3?

How do you remove the center console on a BMW z3?

Pull up on the rear of the unit first, and then pull backwards towards the rear of the car. There are 2 tabs on the front of the armrest which mate to 2 slots in the center console. Once the tabs are clear of the slots, the armrest can be easily removed. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the screw.

Where is my BMW radio code?

To find your BMW radio code, take a look in your owner’s manual. You may even find it on a white sticker on the front or back cover. Once you’ve got it, use the numbered radio buttons to enter the code. With your BMW’s radio back in action, you can enjoy your favorite stations as you drive.

Are BMW E36 parts expensive?

BMW owners swear that these changes/upgrades breathe new life into their old cars but be aware it could cost you $2500.00 in parts. Not to mention you need special tools and specific skills if you want to do the approximately sixteen hours labor yourself.

What radio did you replace your Z3 with?

Replaced mine with a Sony MEX-N4200BT radio/cd player with aux,bluetooth, usb etc. I bought it new from ebay came with an adaptor kit for the Z3. The adaptor kit was just a piece of wiring which connected the new radio with the existing wiring.

How do I connect my aftermarket radio to my BMW?

The green arrow points to the BMW side of the adapter and the yellow arrow points to the aftermarket side of the adapter. If your adapter has a wire, be sure to connect it to the antenna wire on the aftermarket radio. This helps to boost the signal.

How do I remove the antenna from my car radio?

Slide the large black connector in the direction of the green arrow to disconnect. Pull CD changer connector (yellow arrow) straight out of radio to disconnect. Figure 8 Then pull the antenna connection straight off the radio to disconnect. If you are replacing your factory radio with a replacement factory radio, stop here.

Where is the Allen key on a Z3 radio?

The U-shaped tools, the Allen key and the 5-sided driver are all used on specific models. Z3 models required the 5-sided driver,Pictured at the far right. Figure 2 Working at the radio, locate the small access panels on the each side of the radio (green arrows).

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