How does season 2 of The Good Wife End?

How does season 2 of The Good Wife End?

The Good Wife ended with a walk of shame and a slap. The Good Wife ends where it all began. Peter and Alicia hold hands. They enter a press conference where he will resign his governorship because of an allegation that he helped one of his donors’ sons get off for murder.

What happens in The Good Wife season 2?

The second season follows Alicia, now a full-time employee at Lockhart & Gardner, while still juggling her private life and her professional life. Most of the plot focuses on the arrival of Derrick Bond, who becomes a partner at the firm, changing the lives of the characters forever.

Do Alicia and will get back together?

The stunning realization that Alicia and Will would never end up together, and the enduring mystery about why he called her shortly before he was shot, loomed large over the drama’s heroine and viewers all the way into the series’ seventh and final season.

What happens in season 3 of The Good Wife?

In Season 3, Alicia has left her husband following the revelation of yet another sex scandal, this time featuring her coworker and best friend, Kalinda Sharma. She starts up an illicit affair with Will Gardner, her boss, something that fans have been waiting on for the past two seasons.

Does Alicia get her old house back?

With her hefty bonus in tow, Alicia made an offer on the house. But even with a passionate letter about her history with the home, it was no match for Jackie. Yep, Jackie bought Alicia’s old house and the episode ends with Alicia waltzing into the salon and challenging Jackie to a duel …

Where did Robyn go in The Good Wife?

Let’s hope it didn’t last, and he and Robyn left to New York to start a practice of their own.

Where can I watch the Good Wife for free?

– The Netflix Original series ” Ozark ” returns for a fourth and final season on January 21. – Jason Bateman stars as a troubled business man who gets caught up in a money laundering scheme. – You can watch the new episodes and every previous season of “Ozark” on Netflix.

Who is streaming the Good Wife?

The Good Wife was available on Netflix as part of a wide range of titles from CBS up until early 2018. The show was removed from Netflix US in a move by CBS to pull back the majority of its content from the streaming service. Madam Secretary still comes to Netflix as does a couple of other titles but The Good Wife (having finished) was yanked from the service for good.

Where to stream the Good Wife?

Where to Watch The Good Wife The Good Wife is available for streaming on the CBS website, both individual episodes and full download episode: 22 Sep, Watch The All-Round Wife Season 1 Episode 9 icdrama Online Full Episode in download Download The All-Round Wife Season 1 Episode 9. Night Mode.

Where to watch the Good Wife?

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