How many routes does OC Transpo have?

How many routes does OC Transpo have?

170 bus routes
OC Transpo has 170 bus routes (as of October 6, 2019) that are grouped both by their number and the colour with which they are represented on system maps and on bus stop flags.

What time do Ottawa buses start running?

The Ottawa bus service includes multiple types of buses, many of which connect you directly to O-Train stations. Buses run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with more limited nighttime service.

How many buses does OC Transpo have?

OC Transpo provides transit services across Ottawa and into Gatineau. Serving nearly 340,000 riders per day, our fleet has grown from 36 horses to over 900 vehicles. We operate 365 days a year, snow or shine, to bring you safely and comfortably to your destinations.

What does green bus mean?

The Big Green Bus is a project that was founded in 2005 to promote sustainability and renewable energy sources run by Dartmouth College students. Students originally converted a used school bus to run on waste vegetable oil, (WVO), but in 2009 upgraded to a 1998 MCI coach bus.

Are busses still free Ottawa?

OC Transpo is now offering free rides on 15 routes that serve areas affected by the three week “Freedom Convoy” demonstration in downtown Ottawa. Starting today, riders can board buses for free at on-street stops alone the routes.

What buses are free in Ottawa right now?

Which OC Transpo routes are free? Commuters can ride the following bus routes without paying fares: 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 55, 56, 85 and 114. Anyone boarding these routes will not receive a printed transfer, OC Transpo said.

What does the red mean on transit?

Red alerts indicate that a stop is closed or there is significant disruption on the route. Yellow alerts indicate that there is mild disruption on the route or a stop has been moved. Grey alerts indicate an upcoming disruption on the route or information about changes at a station or stop.

What are the bus routes for OC Transpo?

Their Bus routes cover an area from the North (Ottawa) with a stop at R.R. 174 / East Shore to the South (Ottawa) with a stop at Perkins / Church.Their most western stop is 518 Donald B. Munro (Ottawa) and the most eastern stop is 3585 Sarsfield (Ottawa). Do you work for OC Transpo? Partner with us!

What does OC Transpo mean?

OC Transpo is a public transportation provider in Ottawa which operates Bus routes since 1972. The OC Transpo has 184 Bus routes in Ottawa with 5751 Bus stops.

Where can I find OC Transpo lines and schedules in Ottawa?

All OC Transpo lines and schedules in Ottawa can be found in the Moovit App. Moovit gives you directions for OC Transpo routes and provides helpful step-by-step navigation.

How do I get from OC Transpo to Billings Bridge?

The OC Transpo has Bus routes operating across Ottawa including: Hull, Ottawa, Russell. The longest line from the OC Transpo is: 304. This Bus route starts from Osgoode / Logan Farm (Ottawa) and ends at Billings Bridge (Ottawa).

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