How many students get USC merit scholarships?

How many students get USC merit scholarships?

Typically, 2% of early applicants are selected to be considered for a USC merit scholarship.

Does USC give full scholarships?

Ranging in value from a few thousand dollars up to full tuition, merit scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, leadership, service and talent. These include the full-tuition, four-year Trustee scholarship, the half-tuition Presidential Scholarship and the one-quarter tuition Deans Scholarship.

How many trustee scholarships does USC give?

USC says that winning applicants are those who pursue a demanding academic curriculum and have worked to achieve the highest academic level possible. Only around 100 Trustee Scholarship awards are issued each year, but it’s definitely worth applying for if you think you fit the bill.

How do you get a USC Presidential scholarship?

Trustee, Presidential & Deans Scholarships Selection criteria include academic excellence, leadership, and community service. An interview is required for scholarship finalists. Interviews will take place as part of the Explore USC programs offered in late February and early March.

How hard is it to get into USC?

Gaining admission to USC is hard. The university received a historic 70,971 applicants for its class of 2025 and admitted 8,804—an acceptance rate of just 12%. Although USC’s acceptance rate is incredibly low, your personal chances of admission depend on your profile strength.

Does USC trustee scholarship cover room and board?

The scholarship covers full-tuition (approximately $51,000/year) and a $5,000 stipend every hear for housing and other living expenses. Each scholarship winner will have a dedicated schoalrship advisor that will support them through their undergraduate career at USC.

Do poor people go to USC?

As U.S.C. has fought to shed its reputation as a playground for the spoiled elite, officials have boasted about its racial and socio-economic diversity: More than a quarter of all students are from underrepresented minority groups, 14 percent of freshmen are the first in their families to attend college, and two out of …

Does USC stack scholarships?

The National Merit Presidential Scholarship does not stack with other merit-based scholarships. If you are a Trustee or Presidential Scholarship recipient, there will be no change to your merit-based award.

Is USC free for low income students?

The USC Affordability Initiative applies to financial aid eligible students who start at USC as freshmen, beginning with the 2020-2021 academic year. Your family must also have an annual income of $80,000 or less, with typical assets.

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