How old is Baleka Mbete?

How old is Baleka Mbete?

72 years (September 24, 1949)Baleka Mbete / Age

Who is the husband of Baleka Mbete?

Keorapetse KgositsileBaleka Mbete / Husband (m. 1978–1992)Keorapetse William Kgositsile OIS, also known by his pen name Bra Willie, was a South African Tswana poet, journalist and political activist. An influential member of the African National Congress in the 1960s and 1970s, he was inaugurated as South Africa’s National Poet Laureate in 2006. Wikipedia

When was Baleka Mbete born?

September 24, 1949 (age 72 years)Baleka Mbete / Date of birth

Where was Baleka Mbete born?

Durban, South AfricaBaleka Mbete / Place of birth

Is Baleka Mbete married?

Nape Khomom. 2016Keorapetse Kgositsilem. 1978–1992
Baleka Mbete/Spouse

Who is Lindiwe Sisulu’s children?

Che Samora AjuluOlindi ObangoAyanda SisuluVuyo Sisulu
Lindiwe Sisulu/Children

Is Naledi Pandor married?

Sharif Joseph PandorNaledi Pandor / Spouse
Personal life. Pandor is married to Sharif Joseph Pandor, whom she met while studying in Botswana, and they have four children together.

How old is Baleka Mbete now?

Baleka Mbete: Biography of Baleka Mbete, Age, Husband, Salary & Net Worth, Baleka Mbete (born 24 September 1949) is a South African politician who served as the Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa from May 2014 to May 2019.

Who is Ms Bantu Mbete?

Ms Mbete also served as Speaker from 2004 – 2008 and Deputy President of South Africa from 2008 to 2009 under Kgalema Motlanthe. She was elected National Chairperson of the African National Congress (ANC) in 2007 and re-elected in 2012.

Who is Baleka Kgositsile?

Baleka Kgositsile was born on the 24 September 1949 in Claremont, Durban. She spent her pre-school years with her grandmother in the Northern Transvaal but completed her primary schooling in Durban. In 1958 her family moved to Fort Hare University where her father had been appointed librarian.

Where did Baleka mbethe go to school?

Baleka Mbethe went to a local primary school in Durban, South Africa. In 1958, her family relocated to Fort Hare University, where her father worked as a librarian. She, therefore, went to a local school around the area. However, her father lost his job, so she was sent to a boarding school.

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