Is there Safaricom promotion?

Is there Safaricom promotion?

The Promotion Period The Promotion will run for ninety (90) days from 0000hrs on 23rd October 2021 to 2359hrs on 21st January 2022(“Promotion Period”).

How can I check my promotion points in Lipa na mpesa?

Lipa Na M-PESA Buy goods and M-PESA Business Till merchants will:

  1. Dial *234# and select M-PESA promotions.
  2. Select Merchant Promo.
  3. Enter Store number.
  4. Select check points and will receive an SMS with the points earned as follows:

How does Lipa na mpesa work?

The Lipa Na Mpesa service in Kenya enables customers in Kenya to pay for goods and services without being charged the transaction fee. This means that the business owner can accept payments from KShs10 to Kshs70,000 without the customer being charged transaction fee.

How can I get Lipa na mpesa till number?

Application for Mpesa Till Number as Sole Proprietor Requirements

  1. Copy of Cancelled cheque or letter from bank stating bank details as per certificate of registration.
  2. Copy of Certificate of Registration or Business Permit No.
  3. Copy of Individual KRA PIN Certificate.
  4. Copy of National ID – Back.
  5. Copy of National ID – Front.

How do I get Safaricom promotion data bundles?

To access the bundled, do the following: On your dialer, hit the data code *544#…How to Get Free Safaricom Data For the Next Three Months

  1. The free bundles will max out at 200 MB.
  2. The allocation of free data is based on bundle usage patterns, which is different for every customer.
  3. The bundle lasts only for an hour.

Which is the best Safaricom data plan?

10 GB. Ksh. 999.00. Weekly Giga Bundle. Buy Now.

  • 3 GB. +Whatsapp. Ksh. 500.00. Weekly Data Bundle.
  • 1 GB. +Whatsapp. Ksh. 250.00. Weekly Data Bundle.
  • 1 GB. Ksh. 99.00. Daily Giga Bundle. Buy Now.
  • 500 MB. + 500 SMS and Whatsapp. Ksh. 99.00. Daily Data Bundle.
  • 15 GB. +Whatsapp. Ksh. 2000.00. Valid for 30 days.
  • 25 GB. +Whatsapp. Ksh. 3000.00.
  • What is Safaricom Pochi La Biashara?

    Pochi La Biashara is a product that allows business owners such as: food vendors, small kiosk owners, boda-boda operators, second hand clothes dealers, etc. to receive and separate business funds from personal funds on their M-PESA line.

    How can I get Safaricom till number?

    You will then need to Activate the till using the Nominated number. You can activate via USSD by dialing *234# and Select Option 2: M-PESA Business Till then enter the store number of the till received from SMS after Application….M-PESA Business Till.

    Transaction Charges
    Sell Airtime to customer Standard Agent Airtime commission rates

    What are the benefits of Lipa na M-PESA?

    Enjoy Convenience, Security, Time saving, Real-time payments, Easy funds transfer, Low transaction costs for both clients and your business plus easy fund disbursement as you can also choose to use the funds collected to pay for supplies, wages, salaries or other services.

    How much is Paybill?

    The same rates apply for amounts between KShs 500 and 999. If your transaction is between KShs 1000 and 2499, you will pay KShs 23 while the business will pay KShs 12. For amounts ranging between 2500 and 4999, the charges are KShs 34 on the customer and 22 shillings to the business.

    How does Kopo Kopo work?

    Whether you are applying from your computer or your phone, Kopo Kopo gives you the convenience to submit your application through any channel that suits you. Requests are approved within 24 hours and funds are disbursed immediately so that you can quickly put your business cash advance to work right away.

    How can I get free data from Safaricom 2021?

    You can get free internet in Safaricom through the following procedures;

    1. When you purchase a new line. Safaricom offers free 200mbs daily to every new line.
    2. Downloading the Mpesa app.
    3. Free education bundles.
    4. Free YouTube bundles.
    5. Free birthday bundles.

    How much is 10GB Safaricom bundles?

    The weekly Giga Bundle offers 10GB of data for Kes. 999. This bundle is accessible through *544# under the weekly offerings.

    How can I get unlimited Safaricom data?

    1. Dial *544#, select the Monthly Plans option then select All In One which will display the available plans for.
    2. The bundles are also available on mySafaricom.

    How does KOPO La biashara work?

    To make a payment, customers will dial *334#, select Lipa na M-Pesa, then select Pochi la Biashara before completing the transaction. Business owners will be able to opt in or out of the service at will. In addition, they will have access to statements detailing the state of their business accounts.

    Does PayBill have charges?

    For amounts ranging between 2500 and 4999, the charges are KShs 34 on the customer and 22 shillings to the business. Between KShs 5000 and KShs 9999, the charges are 34 shillings for the customer and 51 shillings on the business.

    What is the difference between PayBill and buy goods?

    One of the differences between the two is that in the case of till number, one has to use the option of “Buy Good and Services.” For Pay Bill, you will have to select “Paybill” option in Lipa na M-Pesa menu.

    Is Safaricom Paybill free?

    From the tariffs, all paybill transactions below 100 shillings are free of charge, for the first 2 transactions you make. Any additional transactions between 1 and 100 shillings will cost you between 1 and 2 shillings per transaction.

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