What are some examples of hierarchical diffusion of popular culture?

What are some examples of hierarchical diffusion of popular culture?

Hierarchical diffusion is when a cultural trend is spread from one segment of society to another in a pattern, such as hip hop spreading from cities to less populated areas. Stimulus diffusion is when a cultural trend spreads but is changed by those adopting the idea, such as American practitioners of yoga poses.

What is a real life example of hierarchical diffusion?

When a celebrity starts a fashion trend and this trend slowly becomes popular throughout the United States. Usually, hierarchical diffusion starts in big urban areas (NYC, LA, etc.), then spreads to smaller cities/suburbs, and then lastly to rural areas.

What is diffusion of American culture?

Cultural diffusion is the process by which cultures influence each other to change. Historically, this occurred through migration, trade and other interactions between cultures such as warfare.

What is an example of diffusion in America?

Indirect Diffusion: For example, Mexican food is very popular in the United States, and this popularity has created the popularity of Mexican food in Canada. There is a large geographical barrier in the United States between Mexico and Canada, yet this cultural diffusion occurs indirectly through the US.

What is hierarchical diffusion AP Human Geography?

-Hierarchical diffusion: The spread of an idea from persons or nodes of authority or power to other persons or places. (Ex: hip-hop/rap music)

How did Christianity spread through hierarchical diffusion?

Christianity spread through relocation diffusion by missionaries and hierarchical diffusion when the Roman Empire made Christianity its official religion. Christianity became the dominant religion in North and South America because of the early explorers and colonizers from Europe were Christians.

What is hierarchical diffusion?

Hierarchical Diffusion. The spread of an idea from persons or nodes of authority or power to other persons or places. Examples- Birkenstocks, Christianity, styles of clothing, music.

How does hierarchical diffusion spread?

Hierarchical Diffusion is when an idea spreads by passing first among the most connected individuals, then spreading to other individuals. Think of the chain of command in businesses, and the government. There’s somewhat of a hierarchy in terms of position of authority.

What is an example of an effect of cultural diffusion in early North America?

New weapons and diseases brought to the Americas by the Europeans directly led to hundreds of thousands of deaths of the natives who had never had contact with the new weapons or diseases. The spread of diseases is another negative effect of cultural diffusion.

Which is an example of hierarchical diffusion quizlet?

An example of hierarchical diffusion is the diffusion of fashion. When it comes to fashion, it comes in many different forms, prices, and practicalities. A lot of times one kind of trend will diffuse from celebrity to celebrity, as they can all afford the costly clothing, and don’t require a lot of practicality.

What is an example of a hierarchical religion?

Which of the following religions and churches would be a good example of a hierarchical religion? Explanation: The Mormon Church is organized under a hierarchical priesthood run by men, with the Prophet (or President of the Church) serving as the “spokesman on Earth,” not unlike the position of Pope in Catholicism.

What is hierarchical diffusion in human geography?

Hierarchical diffusion. Occurs when the diffusion innovation or concept spreads from a place or person of power or high susceptibility to another in a leveled pattern. Stimulus diffusion. Occurs when the innovative idea diffuses from its hearth outward, but the original idea is changed by the new adopters.

What is hierarchy diffusion?

How would you describe today’s American culture?

American culture is not only defined by its fast-paced lifestyle, fashion, and “to-go” coffee cups. It is also the culture of many diversity, different religions, races, and ethnicities. It is a culture that nourishes competition and political correctness, and also tries to enforce the freedom of speech.

Which of the following is the best example of hierarchical diffusion?

Which of the following is the best example of hierarchical diffusion? A fashion being introduced in New York City and slowly becoming popular in smaller cities and towns.

How was Christianity spread by hierarchical diffusion?

What kind of culture is the United States?

The culture of the United States of America is primarily of Western, and European origin, yet its influences includes the cultures of Asian American, African American, Latin American, and Native American peoples and their cultures.

What is an example of hierarchical diffusion in sociology?

It can occur both within a culture (such as the spread of a trend within the United States) as well as between different cultures (such as spreading elements of US culture to Asia). Some examples of hierarchical diffusion include: Hierarchical diffusion is a very common type of diffusion in the 21st Century.

How is culture spread from the top down?

Hierarchical Diffusion Hierarchical diffusion occurs when famous or influential people in society share a cultural idea. The culture is spread from the top of society down. In the past, the fashion preferences of the kings and queens would spread throughout polite society.

What is an example of cultural diffusion?

Cultural diffusion is a term we use to explain the ways cultures spread and intermingle around the world. For example, it refers to the spread of American culture into Asia and the spread of Asian fast food in the United States. It occurs through the spread of cultural items during times of conflict, migration and trade.

What is relocation diffusion?

Relocation diffusion is the spread and mingling of cultures that occurs when people migrate around the world. Migration has been a dominant reason for the spread of cultures around the world.

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