What do you do in fencing classes?

What do you do in fencing classes?

The classes are designed to engage students physically, socially, tactically with an emphasis on having fun while learning the sport of fencing! I also run local and regional competitions, clinics, summer camps and birthday parties. I’ve been involved in the sp

What age can you start fencing lessons?

Log in Try our Beginner Fencing Classes (for older students ages 10 to 16) Each two hour class offers warm-up game, footwork, fencing instruction and fencing bouting with real competitive equipment. All Equipment is provided. Free trial class is limited to one per person.

How much are private lessons at Durkan Fencing?

Non-Members $425 per month for Unlimited Tier 1 classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm to 8pm Private lessons are available to members participating the class program in packs of ten: $400 for 10 lessons. Call us at 201-880-7029 or email [email protected] to set-up your free one week trial! Loading… Returning? Log in

Who is thrust fencing academy?

My name is Mika’il Sankofa and I’m a three-time US Olympian in the sport of fencing and the head coach and owner of Thrust Fencing Academy. I’m also Read More the head fencing coach at West Point Military Academy.

How do you celebrate Diwali weekend in Felixstowe?

The weekend of celebration begins with a procession of local cadets and other groups from Felixstowe Town Centre at 12.30pm to the Town Hall. Organised by the Royal British Legion, the march will conclude at 1pm with a proclamation from the Mayor of Felixstowe from the steps of the Town Hall.

What time is the Felixstowe Beacon illumination 2018?

The entertainment will start at 8pm with singer Rachel Foskett and the Felixstowe Community Choir before local piper Leigh Adams, plays to the lighting of the beacon at 9.45pm, joining beacons cross the country in the historical tradition of illuminations in celebration of royal milestones.

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