What does the Nativity facade show?

What does the Nativity facade show?

Nativity Facade It represents the birth of Christ and is symbolic of symbolic of birth, life, and light.

Is it worth going up towers at Sagrada Familia?

Sagrada Familia is known for its Art Nouveau and Catalan Noucentisme architecture. It has been in construction for over 100 years since 1882. It is worth viewing the design, history and intricate design of the towers.

Are Sagrada towers worth it?

What is the Passion facade?

The Passion Facade The Passion façade is recently built. Located in the street Sardenya and oriented to west. This façade represents the passion and the death of Jesus. According with this function, it has an austere and extraordinarily naked appearance, with geometric edged forms.

How long can you stay inside Sagrada Familia?

Once inside the Basilica, you can stay for as long as you like. You should allow approximately 2 hours for visiting the Sagrada Familia including the small museum in the basement.

How long will it take to complete the Sagrada Familia?

After 144 long years of construction, Spain’s Sagrada Familia was finally slated for completion in 2026, the 100th anniversary of Antoni Gaudi’s (the original architect) death.

What are the views from Sagrada Familia?

You can enjoy two kinds of views from the Nativity facade tower of Sagrada Familia, and both are equally stunning. First, you will see Gaudi’s intricate sculptures on Nativity facade.

How high are the Nativity towers in Sagrada Familia?

The vantage point on the Nativity facade tower is around 65 meters (214 feet) high, and the views are a treat for every tourist. You need to have ‘Towers Access’ tickets (also known as the ‘Top View’ tickets) to go up the Nativity Towers. Important: 90% of the visitors to Sagrada Familia buy the Fast Track entry ticket.

When was the Passion facade of Sagrada Familia built?

The Nativity facade was completed under the supervision of Gaudi himself in 1935. Sagrada Familia’s four towers facing West make up the Passion Facade. These towers represent the four Apostles James, Thomas, Philip, and Bartholomew, making up the Passion Facade view. Work on the Passion Facade started in 1954 and ended in 2018.

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