What happened with Machinima Respawn?

What happened with Machinima Respawn?

Due to budget cuts at Machinima, the lack of views of the newer programming on Respawn in later years, and the departure of Scott Robison, Shaun Hutchinson and Adam Montoya along with Scott Fisher, Machinima Respawn was discontinued, not having been active since February 22, 2015.

What was wrong with Machinima?

Machinima was shut down because AT as well as WarnerMedia wanted to consolidate some of its digital assets. Instead of keeping up Machinima’s content, the executives figured that it would be better to move the videos into separate entities, such as Rooster Teeth, under Otter Media’s helm.

Why did Machinima delete their videos?

Machinima, a large network of YouTube gaming channels, had all of its videos removed without any sort of prior warning given to the creators. This comes as a result of a planned merger with Ellation, which is a part of Otter Media, which is actually a division of AT and WarnerMedia.

Who was apart of Machinima?

In 2010, when gaming YouTubers discovered that they could make money off of making gaming videos, Machinima began to partner a lot of YouTubers, some of the most well known Machinima Partners being darksydephil, SSOHPKC, ZackScottGames, TheRadBrad, and ToyPudding; among many others.

Is Mr Sark a Mormon?

Sark is believed to have been born in 1976 into a Mormon family. Sark was raised Christian from an early age, noting that he partook in a ‘Mormon Mission’ during his youth and that one year he received a bible from his parents for Christmas.

Who is the oldest YouTube channel?

YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim posted the 18-second video, titled “Me at the zoo.” It has since garnered over 90 million views. To this day, it is the only video on Karim’s channel.

Who is the longest lasting YouTube channel?


Record Name Record Channel
Fastest YouTube Channel to hit 1,000 Subscribers 13 days Syterity
Slowest YouTube Channel to hit 1,000 Subscribers 2009-2021 Ordixe TV
Longest streak as most subscribed YouTube channel 2050 days PewDiePie
Longest total time as most subscribed YouTube channel 2063 days PewDiePie

Did Mr Sark serve in the military?

In particular, Sark professed himself to be a Vietnam Veteran, often suffering from PTSD-induced ‘Vietnam Flashbacks’.

Did SeaNanners quit?

Adam ‘SeaNanners’ Montoya left the internet in 2018 after “the darkest year” of his life, with no guarantee he would ever return. But now in 2020 he has made a surprise return to YouTube, and explained the real reasons behind why he was gone for so long.

Who is the oldest YouTube gamer?

YouTuber Hamako Mori
This Japanese YouTuber Hamako Mori has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Record as the oldest gaming YouTuber in the world.

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