What is a bikini G-String wax?

What is a bikini G-String wax?

A thorough tidy up of the bikini area,. We describe a G-String wax as a “high bikini” Hair is removed to leave a thick strip of hair at the top which runs right down to your bottom. Perfect for holidays or that special occasion! Hair will also be removed from the top to take the strip down in length.

What is the difference between G-string and bikini wax?

A basic bikini wax removes hair from the sides and top of the knicker line only and takes about 20 minutes. A G-String wax removes hair from the same areas but follows the line of a g-string knicker, offering a higher cut option. It also takes around 20 minutes.

What is G-String hot wax?

A G-string wax is sort of like a regular bikini line wax with a little bit extra. It sometimes described as a high bikini too. A normal bikini wax removes the hair from the sides and the top of the knicker line.

Can you wear a thong for a bikini wax?

A thong bikini wax will remove all of the hair that would be visible outside a high cut thong bikini or g-string pants as well as a strip along the top of the pubic bone.

Which bikini wax is right for You?

When to choose: If you still want to keep some hair but want more definition and hair removed deeper into the bikini line than a clean-up, this is the right wax for you. The French Bikini Wax: This wax takes all hair off in the front (except a small strip). It doesn’t take the hair off from the back like a Brazilian, however.

What is the difference between a French wax and bikini line?

This is usually referred to as a standard bikini line on most salon menus. You can keep your knickers on when you have this one done. A French wax differs from other styles like a Brazilian as most of the hair is taken from around the front and sides, but the middle (labia) and around the back is left alone.

What are the different styles of bikini waxing?

For women, there are about five common basic bikini waxing styles: The Regular Bikini Wax: This basic style removes the hair outside the panty line. When to choose: If it’s your first bikini wax, or you’re just looking for a cleanup, a regular bikini wax will do the trick.

Is a sphinx wax the same as a bikini wax?

Basically, these terms both mean the same thing. “A Sphinx Wax or Hollywood wax is also known as the Brazilian or bikini wax, which is the complete hair removal of both the front and backside of the bikini area,” Sadrolashrafi explains. . 5. French Wax

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