What is a YN2 in the Navy?

What is a YN2 in the Navy?

YN2 stands for Yeoman Second Class (Naval Rating) Military and Government.

What is the job of a Navy yeoman?

Yeoman perform administrative and clerical work. They receive visitors, answer telephone calls and sort incoming mail. They type, organize files and operate modern office equipment such as word processing computers and copying machines.

What is YN1 in the Navy?

In the modern Navy, a yeoman is an enlisted service member who performs administrative and clerical work….Yeoman (United States Navy)

Issued by United States Navy
Type Enlisted rating
Abbreviation YN / YNS
Specialty Administration

What does a flag writer do?

Flag writers are Navy yeoman selected to work for flag officers and high-level diplomats to provide office management, correspondence, protocol and other administrative support.

What is a YN2 in the Navy rank?

For example, a sailor previously addressed as yeoman second class, or YN2, will now simply be called petty officer second class, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Steven S. Giordano said. Sailors in pay grades E-1 through E-3 will be addressed as seaman.

Is yeoman a good job in the Navy?

Most people that have served as Yeoman in the Navy admit that while the job can be demanding and stressful, it also can be rewarding and help launch a decent paying civilian career.

What rank is YN1 in the Navy?

Yeoman is one of the original Chief Petty Officer ratings. The Navy’s computerized personnel system associates the rating name with an alphanumeric Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) code.

What rank is yn3?

Navy Ranks – Enlisted and Officer, from Lowest to Highest

Pay Grade Rank Abbreviation
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer Of The Navy MCPON
W-2 Chief Warrant Officer 2 CW2
W-3 Chief Warrant Officer 3 CW3
W-4 Chief Warrant Officer 4 CW4

What rank do you start out in the Navy?

An enlisted member enters the Navy as a Seaman Recruit. After completing basic training, the enlisted recuits advances to Seaman. The next notable advancement is to a Noncommissioned Officer. The highest rank attainable in the Navy is the five-star Fleet Admiral.

How long is Yeoman a school?

about seven weeks
Training and Education for Yeomen Yeoman class A school is about seven weeks long, and is located in Meridian, Mississippi.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a yn?

The duties performed by YNs include preparing, typing and routing correspondence and reports, and organizing and maintaining files. They receive office visits and handle telephone communications.

What is the NOS code for a Navy yn?

The Navy’s computerized personnel system associates the rating name with an alphanumeric Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) code. For YN, the NOS is B750. Yeomen perform secretarial/administrative and clerical work.

Can a navy yeoman be assigned to a shipboard unit?

Since being a Yeoman is such an important position that all Navy units must have, there is a lot of job variety and location variety for those acting as naval Yeoman. So there is just as much chance for a newly trained Yeoman to be assigned shipboard as there is they will be assigned to a naval base.

How much does a navy yeoman get paid?

How Much Are US Navy Yeoman Paid? Insignia Pay Grade Rank Abbreviation 2021 Minimum Monthly Pay N/A E-1 Seaman Recruit SR $1,785.00 E-2 Seaman Apprentice SA $2,000.70 E-3 Seaman SN $2,103.90 E-4 Petty Officer Third Class PO3 $2,330.40

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