What is Tatsuya Tanaka known for?

What is Tatsuya Tanaka known for?

Tatsuya Tanaka, the world’s first “miniature” photographer, is drawing attention from all over the globe. He is the author of Miniature Calendar, a book on shooting one photograph a day for more than nine years. His works are completely original, and provide a unique view of the world.

How does Tatsuya Tanaka create his work?

every day since 2011, tatsuya tanaka has been creating playful miniature landscapes that he puts together using commonplace objects and diorama figurines. he then photographs the pocket-size scenes and shares one per day on his miniature calendar.

What is Tatsuya Tanaka inspired by?

Tanaka writes of his inspiration: “Broccoli and parsley might sometimes look like a forest, or the tree leaves floating on the surface of the water might sometimes look like little boats.

Where was Tatsuya Tanaka born?

Kumamoto, Kumamoto, JapanTatsuya Tanaka / Place of birth

When was Tatsuya Tanaka born?

1981 (age 41 years)Tatsuya Tanaka / Date of birth

What camera does Tatsuya Tanaka use?

“My equipment is fairly modest. I use a Sony Alpha 77 and a Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di VC USD lens. Lighting is provided by up to three tungsten-balanced 500W flood lamps that offer soft, diffused illumination.”

How old is Tatsuya Tanaka?

About 41 years (1981)Tatsuya Tanaka / Age

What is miniature photography?

Miniature Photography is simply one form of photographic artistry to mix the real with the surreal. Rather than simply building a scale model diorama portraying some kind of scene, the idea is to integrate true-scale, real-world objects, foods or ‘entities’ into the miniature world.

What is the tilt-shift effect?

What Is a Tilt-Shift Lens? A tilt-shift lens (also called a perspective control lens) changes the position of a lens in relation to a camera’s image sensor. When the lens tilts so that it is no longer parallel to the camera’s image sensor, it shifts the plane of focus and alters the depth of field.

Is doll photography a thing?

Doll photography- still a not-so-famous genre. If you are a doll photographer, you must have experienced how long does it take to explain to others what is doll photography. Today photographers can be seen photographing people, animals, landscapes, trees, etc. but the idea of shooting dolls is still an unusual thing.

What makes toy cars move?

Toy cars use a variety of mechanisms to make them go, but they all store up potential energy. Although the elastic material inside is usually steel and not rubber, the principle is the same. By changing the shape of the material (usually a coil of metal) energy is stored and then released as motion.

Why does tilt-shift make things look tiny?

Why does tilt shift make things look small? Tilt shift makes things look small through the plane of focus. Ordinarily when you take a photo of an item, your plane of focus (the part of your image in focus) is perpendicular to your camera. This allows a pretty large portion of your image to be in focus all at once.

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