What is the fastest way to get Dilithium in Star Trek Online?

What is the fastest way to get Dilithium in Star Trek Online?

Dilithium exchange and a creditcard. This for outright quickest. This if you intend to get the Dilithium yourself; level up to 52 (or start a Jem’Hadar) and cycle Klingon and Ferengi Tours of Duty. That gives 30k Dil, each, every ten Tours, which are on a 20 hour cycle.

How do I get more Dilithium?

Dilithium is primarily earned by completing in-game missions (PvP and PvE dailies, events, STFs, Duty Officer Assignments, spotlighted and qualified Foundry missions, etc.), and is awarded as Dilithium Ore.

How do you get refined Dilithium in STO?

Refined Dilithium is also available via the in-game Dilithium Exchange, which can be accessed via the downward arrow on the mini-map. Here, you can exchange ZEN you’ve transferred into STO for Refined Dilithium, and vice-versa.

Where can I mine dilithium?

Dilithium Locations

System Zone Found Node Size
Clytomenes (12) Neutral 600
Coridan (16) Neutral 2.5k
D’Deridex (38) Romulan 8.4k
Delmas (42) Romulan 100k

Where can you find dilithium?

How do I get a Dilithium mining claim?

Opening a Lock Box will give the player a chance to obtain one of three types of Mining Claim packages:

  1. The Preferred Customer Package includes six (6) Dilithium Mining Claims.
  2. The VIP Customer Package will include ten (10) Dilithium Mining Claims.

Where is dilithium mining asteroid in Star Trek Fleet?

Go to the asteroid field near Bajor, in the Beta Ursae sector block, and engage in the dilithium mining on the surfaces of the asteroids.

Where can I get Dilithium?

Dilithium Mining Locations by Zone:

  1. Amador.
  2. Clytomenes.
  3. Deneva.
  4. Midnight.
  5. Nelve.
  6. Rigel.

Where do I get a Dilithium mining claim?

Having one or more Dilithium Mining Claims will grant the Activate Mining Claim, that can be found under Abilities. Players can trade in their Claims to the Ferengi EV Suit Vendor at The Nerrak located in the Vlugta Asteroid Field, where players may exchange Dilithium Mining Claims for Dilithium Vouchers.

Where can I mine 3 star ore?

Ore Locations

System Zone Found Node Type G2/3 & Size #p for planet or #n
Rator Romulan G3
Sorenle Neutral G2
Stagnimea Romulan G3
Vendus A Romulan G3

How much dilithium is in a Zen?

between 25 and 500
If buying ZEN, the Refined Dilithium price must be set between 25 and 500 Refined Dilithium and offers must be set to at least 1 ZEN and no more than 5,000 ZEN.

What is the best way to get dilithium?

Ferengi and Klingon gives dilithium, on dil weekends you can get so much dil from Ferengi – a 2k event on a 500 reward gives you like 3500 dil on a dil weekend. Do Ferengi first. Reps – if you can fill every rep daily every day it’s 3740 dil per day for 40 days and 32k dil on completion per rep.

What is dilithium in Star Trek?

In the Star Trek Universe, Dilithium is a crystalline power source that is used to regulate the warp core reactions of starships.

What are the benefits of dilithium in Sto?

Another benefit of Dilithium is that it can be exchanged for Zen, STO’s premium currency. Although Zen is primarily bought with real money, Cryptic provides an in-game exchange service in which players can trade surplus Dilithium for Zen. The exchange rate can fluctuate and has steadily risen over the last ten years.

How to farm dilithium in Warframe?

Yet despite this, Dilithium continues to be a tangible and much desired resource. Due to the value players place upon Dilithium, many create multiple alts so that they can farm it on a daily basis. The easiest means to do this are Duty Officer Assignments and the Admiralty System.

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