What is the theme of the book stung?

What is the theme of the book stung?

Bethany Wiggins in the book “Stung,” gives us a story about a character in an environment where not all people are treated equal and are outcasted and secured because of their irregular characteristics.

Is there a movie for the book stung?

Stung (German: Stung – Sie werden dich stechen!) is a 2015 German-American independent science fiction horror-comedy film directed by Benni Diez, written by Adam Aresty, and starring Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Lance Henriksen, Clifton Collins Jr., Cecilia Pillado and Eve Slatner.

How does the book stung end?

In the end, the scientists find a cure, and test it out on Jonah. Dreyden and Fiona start to have a loving relationship between each other, and Jonah is healing fast.

What happens in the book stung?

Bethany Wiggins’ Stung is a YA fantasy novel about a young woman from a dystopian future where one poorly planned scientific overreach created a chain effect of terrible circumstances. Fiona went to sleep as a 13-year-old girl and woke up in a 17-year-old body.

Is Stung dystopian?

If you’re looking for a romance novel with a dystopian setting, then Stung is one for you. It has all the tropes and the setting is cool. But if you’re looking for a dystopian novel that might happen to include a love story but isn’t all about a love story, then, like me, you might feel a tad let down.

Is stung a dystopian novel?

The story was an interesting look at what an environmental disaster would do to our society. I liked Stung enough to read the next book in the series, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m a remorseless dystopian junkie.

Is there a Stung sequel?

Cured: A Stung Novel: Stung Series, Book 2.

Is Stung a trilogy?

BETHANY WIGGINS is the author of The Transference Trilogy, Stung, Cured, and Shifting. She started writing on a dare and dove headfirst into the world of writerly madness. She lives in the desert with her husband, four quirky kids, and two very fluffy cats.

What is the setting of the book stung?

Stung is a 2013 work of young adult fiction by Bethany Wiggins. The setting is a near-future dystopia in which honeybees are extinct, resulting in famine and a breakdown of societal infrastructures.

What is stung by Bethany Wiggins about?

When the honeybee population disappears and a pandemic sweeps across the planet, the government tried a bio-engineered cure even deadlier than the problem. Branded with the mark of the vaccine, Fiona must navigate this new dystopian world. But there’s no cure for being stung. . . Fiona doesn’t remember going to sleep.

What does Fiona look like in stung?

As the novel’s protagonist, Fiona struggles to reestablish her sense of self. Even details of her appearance are presented as circumstantial: She has long blond hair, but Arrin saws it off with a knife; she is “fat” to Arrin, who is starving, but Fiona comments several time on her “concave” stomach.

Where does Stung take place?

Denver suburbs
Sometime in the near future, teenager Fiona “Fo” Tarsis awakens in her bedroom in the Denver suburbs, but everything about her home is changed. The house is decrepit and abandoned. Her parents, older sister Lissa, and twin brother Jonah are missing.

What is Stung by Bethany Wiggins about?

Is there a second Stung book?

Cured (Stung Series #2) 4.7 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for average rating value is 4.7 of 5.

How old is arrin in stung?

A young “girl”, Arrin/Arris, age 13, pretends to be her friend and is staying with her. They go to a camp for fecs (human form and not wild form of beasts) to rescue the girls brother, but the boy is killed on the way out and Fo is captured as well.

Who are the main characters in stung?

Diana Braxton The main characters are Fiona, Jonah, Dreyden (Bowen), Arrin/Arris, and Duncan.

What is the setting of the book Stung?

What is the main idea of the book Stung?

One of the interesting things about the characters in Stung is that, despite the fact that Wiggins’ book is a retelling of a fairytale, her main characters are the opposites of their fairytale counterparts. A major theme of Stung is whether science helps or hinders the human race.

What are some examples of universal themes in literature?

Love – The universal truth of love is a very common theme in literature and you will find countless examples of it. They go beyond those sultry romance novels, too. Sometimes, it is even intertwined with other themes. Think of books like Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” or Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights.”

What are static and dynamic characters in Stung?

The opposite of static characters, dynamic characters change throughout the story, growing into themselves and their new roles. One of the interesting things about the characters in Stung is that, despite the fact that Wiggins’ book is a retelling of a fairytale, her main characters are the opposites of their fairytale counterparts.

What are the 10 most common book themes?

10 of the Most Common Book Themes 1 Judgment: Possibly one of the most common themes is judgment. 2 Survival: There is something captivating about a good survival story, one in which the main characters must overcome countless odds just to live another day. 3 Peace and war.

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