What kind of oil does a rear differential take?

What kind of oil does a rear differential take?

There are two types of differential fluid. One is mineral oil, which is a natural, crude oil-based fluid. The other is synthetic differential fluid, which is created in a lab.

How many quarts of oil does a rear differential take?

The weight and capacity will be listed in your owner’s manual; your differential will usually hold as much as 3 quarts. Be sure to read that manual, though, because some limited-slip differentials require a secondary friction-modifying additive.

What oil goes in a Dana 70?

(“LE 9920 75w-140 Synthetic” for warranty reasons and extreme low and high temperatures of -50 to 280 deg.

What oil does a 2007 STI take?

Almost all the Rotella T6 users are using 5w-40. The 5 for winter and cold temps and the 40 for extra security when it sheers down. Just as a refereance, the S209 sti switched to a 5w40 oil and its still an EJ engine.

What oil does a 2007 WRX take?

Castrol – EDGE® 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5 Quart (Part No.

What’s the difference between 75W 90 and 75W-140?

You’ll notice that the 75W-90 oil does better at cooler temperatures, while 75W-140 does better at higher temperatures.

Is a Dana 70 limited slip?

Dana offered two different limited slip differentials with the Dana 70, the “Power-Lok” and the “Trac-Lok.”

What oil does Subaru STI use?

Mobil 1 – High Mileage 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart (Part No. 120769)

How many differentials does a Subaru STI have?

3 differentials
If you have an all wheel drive Subaru like the WRX or STI, your car has 3 differentials that determine how your power is distributed to the wheels.

What kind of rear diff fluid does a 2015 STI use?

Option 3. is intended for the 2007+ STI (including 2015+ STI), which came with a Torsen type rear diff, and that calls for a 75W90 weight fluid in the rear diff. This kit is intended for the STI six-speed manual transmission.

Can I use LSD gear oil in my 2007 WRX STI?

No, the LSD gear oil used in your 2006 WRX STI is not used in the 2007 WRX STI. In the Technical Service Manual for your 2006 WRX STI Sedan, it states: Mechanical LSD oil MUST be used for STI model. Recommended oil – Gear oil LSD (Subaru part # K0305Y0900), GL-5 (90) or equivalent. Recommended gear oil: GL-5 (75W-90) or equivalent.

Should I buy a 2014 STI rear differential?

There is NO recommendation for the 2014 STi models on AMSOIL’s site at this time. Thank you! R160 – 52lbs. WRX rear differential. It has a viscous LSD which is just no better than an open differential since the unit is so tiny in this diff. R180 – 64lbs. STi rear differential. I’ll need to add more when I get home, I’ll be very busy this week.

What is the recommended gear oil for a 2007 Subaru Impreza?

Recommended gear oil: GL-5 (75W-90) or equivalent. For the 2007 WRX STI, the Subaru Extra Gear Oil (75W-90) was used at the factory for the rear differential and manual transmission. I tell you what Richard, I sure do like the 2008 Technical Service Manuals as there are separate ones for the Impreza/WRX and WRX STI.

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