What songs did Rod Stewart sing?

What songs did Rod Stewart sing?

Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?I Don’t Want to Talk About ItSailingHave You Ever Seen the RainMaggie MayYoung Turks
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What was Rod Stewart’s first big hit?

Maggie May
Known for his signature raspy voice, British singer-songwriter Rod Stewart performed in several U.K. bands in the 1960s. Embarking on a solo career, “Maggie May” became his first hit single in 1971.

What 2 songs did Rod Stewart sing?

And those Python Lee Jackson recordings with Stewart on vocals are great….20 best Rod Stewart songs, from ‘Maggie May’ to ‘Hot Legs’

  • “What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser Out of Me)”
  • “Twistin’ the Night Away”
  • “Gasoline Alley”

Who did Rod Stewart sing with in the 70s?

Rod Stewart got his big break singing with the Jeff Beck Group in 1967. By 1969, he was fronting the rebooted Faces with his pal, former Beck sideman Ronnie Wood.

Does Rod Stewart have any original songs?

Jeff Beck Rod was the vocalist in the Jeff Beck Group….Original songs.

Title Maggie May
Written by Rod Stewart, Martin Quittenton
Originally by Rod Stewart
Original date June 1971
Covered by Covered by (63 artists)

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