Who played Zaneeta Shinn?

Who played Zaneeta Shinn?

Susan Luckey
Susan Luckey: Zaneeta Shinn Photos (4)

Who played Prof Harold Hill?

Robert Preston

Character Original Broadway Cast 1957 Broadway Revival 2000
Prof. Harold Hill Robert Preston Craig Bierko
Marian Paroo Barbara Cook Rebecca Luker
Marcellus Washburn Iggie Wolfington Max Casella
Mayor Shinn David Burns Paul Benedict

Who is Tommy in The Music Man?

Timmy Everett
The Music Man (1962) – Timmy Everett as Tommy Djilas – IMDb.

Does Zaneeta sing in The Music Man?

Zaneeta Shinn is the oldest and slightly daffy daughter of the Mayor and Eulalie. Cast a girl who is a strong dancer. Although this is a non-singing role, a well-ast Zaneeta will gain mileage out of her classic “Ye gads!” line.

What songs does Mrs Paroo sing in Music Man?

Winthrop went to the Fourth of July festivities with Marian. Winthrop sings part of ‘The Wells Fargo Wagon’. Winthrop sings ‘Gary, Indiana’, a song about the hometown of Harold Hill, in the 1962 film, the original is sung by Hill, with Winthrop given a reprise of the song.

What Iowa town was The Music Man based on?

Mason City, Iowa
Willson’s childhood in Mason City, Iowa, inspired the fictional town of River City, where “The Music Man” takes place. Today in Mason City, you can visit The Music Man Square and take a walk down Main Street of an early 1900’s River City replica.

Who is Marcellus Washburn in The Music Man?

The hugely anticipated Broadway revival of Meredith Willson’s The Music Man has just released the first production image of Tony Award winner Shuler Hensley in character as Marcellus Washburn, featuring costume design by four-time Tony Award winner Santo Loquasto and Hair, Wig, and Makeup Design by Luc Verschueren for …

What does Ye Gods mean?

A minced oath used as a stand-in for the more blasphemous “Oh my God!” O, ye gods! This is altogether too much for one man to bear alone! A: “Inspector, look—a picture of the culprit!” B: “Ye gods—it’s Councilor Williams. He was under our noses the whole time!” See also: ye Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.

Is the Music Man based on a true story?

The Music Man is based on the 1957 Broadway musical, also called The Music Man, by American playwright Meredith Willson, Willson (in collaboration with Franklin Lacey) novelized the story in 1962. A TV remake, also called The Music Man (2003), was released in 2003. Edit

Why is the Music Man so popular?

The Music Man captures the spirit of small town America in a way unlike any other film. It enthralled audiences when it first debuted as a stage show in 1957 and continues to delight classic film fans today who, like us, won’t consider Independence Day complete without watching it.

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