Can you put blinds on an arched window?

Can you put blinds on an arched window?

Cell shades, Roman Shades, Roller Shades Make sure when you order your window shades you request side mount brackets. Mount the brackets at the top of the straight portion of the window frame where the arch begins. With most window blinds and shades you can purchase a matching arch top window blind or shade.

How do I make my arched windows look good?

10 Stunning Arched Window Home Design Ideas

  1. Call Attention to a Unique Roofline.
  2. Round Off Your Entryway with an Arched Window.
  3. Visualize Arches from the Interior Perspective.
  4. Extend Glass Patio Doors to New Heights.
  5. Add Functionality as Unique as the Shape.
  6. Create Custom Lites for a One-of-a-Kind Look.

Just about any window blind or shade can be installed in an arch top window, leaving the arch top open. With horizontal blinds the brackets are designed to mount the blinds from any direction, back, top, or side.

What is the shade over a window called?

Roman. Roman shades are a type of window blind used to help block out the sun. Although often called blinds, these are actually referred to as “shades” in the window covering industry.

What is the best window treatment for arched windows?

Arch-Shaped Cellular Shades Cellular shades are one the most reliable and popular arched window treatment ideas. Cellular shades can be custom made in a perfect arch shape, which is a true half-circle, or they can be made for any other kind of arch.

Do arch shades open and close?

Cool in the summer. Perfectly proportioned for small to medium-sized arch windows, Movable Arch Cellular Shades open and close to filter light or provide privacy. Hexagonal cells of our Cellular Shades create small air pockets, which reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

What are two types of shade?

Different Types of Shades

  • Roller Shades. Roller shades are the ultimate all-purpose window treatments.
  • Solar Shades.
  • Cellular Shades.
  • Vertical Cellular Shades.
  • Transitional Shades.
  • Roman Shades.

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