How good of a pitcher was Nolan Ryan?

How good of a pitcher was Nolan Ryan?

Ryan pitched in 807 games, threw 222 complete games, and had 61 shutouts. He threw an incredible 5,386 innings and struck out 5,714 batters—an average of more than one an inning.

What is Nolan Ryan’s fastest pitch?

According to the baseball documentary “Fastball”, Nolan Ryan? s final fastball, which he threw at age 46, was clocked at 98 MPH. Yep, you read that right. The final Nolan Ryan fastball was still an elite heater.

How did Nolan Ryan train?

Nolan loved the hill and used it as part of his daily conditioning program. He would run it 50 times a day going forwards and backwards, doing lunges, shuffles, cariocas, sprints, etc. He liked it so much that we had one built at our spring training facility in Coco, Florida.

How did Nolan Ryan pitch so much?

Before 1972, baseball “experts” had concluded that weight training made a player too muscle bound, causing him to lose the smooth movement necessary for arm speed in a pitcher and bat speed in a hitter. Nolan Ryan became the first big league pitcher to enhance his performance through the use of weights.

Was Nolan Ryan the most intimidating pitcher ever?

Nolan Ryan, one of the most dominating and intimidating pitchers the game has ever seen, enjoyed the longest career of any player in major league history. He was drafted by the New York Mets in the 10th round of the June 1965 free agent draft and, like most power pitchers, had trouble mastering his high octane fastball.

Was Nolan Ryan the best pitcher ever?

Just go body of work, Nolan Ryan is the greatest pitcher of all-time. He holds 55 major league pitching records. All-time strikeout leader, no-hitters with 7, and allowed fewest hit per nine innings all-time. Ryan was voted #1 in Master Cards pitchers of all-time in 1998.

Did Nolan Ryan ever pitch against Mickey Mantle?

Nolan Ryan never faced Mickey Mantle. Mantle spent his entire career with the New York Yankees, retiring on March 1, 1969, just before the start of what would have been his 19th year in the big leagues. Nolan Ryan came up with the New York Mets in 1966.

Did Nolan Ryan pitch a no-hitter?

Nolan Ryan at the age of forty-three years, four months, and twelve days became the oldest pitcher in major league history to throw a no-hitter. This particular no-hitter, his sixth, was quite meaningful as illustrated above and little did he know that he would break his own record just a year later.

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